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God’s Infinite Justice


Once a pumpkin farmer had just finished working on his farm. He decided to take a break under a shady rubber tree. He sat down on  the ground and leaning on a tree trunk. He wag his hat to his chest  that swelter because the air temperature was very hot on that  afternoon. Long he observed rubber fruit hanging on the tree. For a moment he thought. Then he muttered, “If I watched carefully, this rubber fruit shape is very similar to a pumpkin that I have already harvested. But why does God unjust? Fruit pumpkin large size while the stems of plants are very small. Then the rubber fruit size is small while the trunk is large enough. God was not fair!” The farmer was disappointed to god.

Old pumpkin farmer was shocked in his thoughts. Until the end, he realized that a rubber fruit that had been observed was falling because slammed by wind. And …


“Aaaw …” cried the farmer.

Rubber fruit that fell squarely on his head. Then it was back muttering pumpkin farmer.

“Oh, it turns out that God is infinite justice! If the rubber fruit that fell on my head the size of pumpkins that I harvested, it  would have broken my head!”

The old farmer was then immediately got up and packed up his crops as soon as possible. He wanted to go home in order to pray and give thanks to God for justice shown by his god.


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8 responses to “God’s Infinite Justice

  1. Thank you for following and opening the door to your world. Eddie

  2. You are mostly welcome. I hope you enjoy my posts here 🙂

  3. Beny ⋅

    Absolutely right! God is always fair to every creature he creates! 🙂

  4. Michael ⋅

    We may not ask the God why everything seems unfair. Because on the contrary everything used to be proportional.

  5. Dony ⋅

    Aku ora mudeng

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