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Indonesia-Malaysia Entertainment Industry


Have you ever heard that the veteran Malaysian singer, Amy Search, protesting that too many Indonesian artist who became famous in Malaysia? While on the contrary very few famous Malaysian artists in Indonesia. In this post let’s take a closer look at the entertainment industry comparison of the two countries.

Indonesia and Malaysia can be said as the two brothers countries since centuries ago. Similarly, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. These four countries are allied countries and have a cultural and linguistic similarities. Basically Indonesian roots of Malay (Riau islands) are very similar to Malay in Malaysia. Relationship between the two countries often experience ups and downs due to various factors and causes. But as the two countries are brothers the cultural exchange between the two countries should take place in a focused, well-planned and considering the development of increasingly rapid globalization. Lots of Indonesian artists are known by the people of Malaysia. Almost all the songs are released in Indonesia is definitely known and loved by the people of Malaysia. Similarly, many Indonesian films screened in the country of Malaysia. So the trend that occurred in Indonesian society wide impact also popular in allied countries (Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei). However, very rarely found songs from Malaysia who became trending hits in Indonesia. Likewise with films Malaysia, almost no film that aired in Indonesia besides animated cartoon ‘Upin & Ipin’, and ‘Boboy Boy’. In the world of children’s entertainment, animated films Malaysia is very broad influence on the development of Indonesian children. They are very fond of Malaysian Malay accent slightly different with Indonesian accent. This is because the Malaysian accent, performed by the sound funny animated characters in the ears of Indonesian children. Imagine two countries that speak the same language but have different accents like British and American English.

Alluding to the issues listed above, Amy Search should realize the background. He assumed that the Malaysian artists have been ‘step sons’ in their own country. The position of the Malaysian musicians become less developed and altered by the presence of Indonesian musicians who readily accepted in the realm of the Malaysian music industry. Why Indonesian artist faster widespread?

1. The total area of ​​Indonesia is much larger than the area of ​​Malaysia;
2. The population of Indonesia more (8 times the population of Malaysia);
3. Indonesian Musicians are very creative and create works of easy-listening;
4. The Indonesian film starring celebrities many good-looking flawless.

In fact today although not so popular Malaysian singer in Indonesia besides Dato ‘Siti Nurhaliza, many Malaysian actors have already moved their house production and artist management to Indonesia. Only a few of them: Keith Foo, Ashraf Sinclair, Miller Khan, Alif Ali (brother of Miller Khan), and others. And the people of Indonesia accept with open arms flow exchanges of artists in both countries. Hopefully in the future relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia is always peace and respect each other. Amen.


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2 responses to “Indonesia-Malaysia Entertainment Industry

  1. Dony ⋅

    Hebat ya artis Indo lebih populer di Malay ketimbang artis mereka di negeri kita.

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