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‘7 Manusia Harimau’ Is Not A Plagiarized Film!


Mostly watched tv series of these days in Indonesia is “7 Manusia Harimau” (7 Tiger Men). Many people from children, teens, and adults like this series very much. This film is not plagiarizing ‘Twilight’, ‘New Moon’, or ‘Eclipse’. Because the story itself had been published into novels more than 20 years ago. Even it was filmed in 1986 adapted from the first edition of the novel. Now it turns into tv series and starred by Indonesian senior actors such as : Willy Dozan, Adjie Pangestu, Sigit Hardadi, and Boy Hamzah. Willy Dozan is well-known talented in action films, and one of the most popular of his legendary film was “Deru Debu”. He really powers martial arts, just like Barry Prima, Ary Wibowo, and Iko Uwais (another Indonesian action actors). Besides  this series also are starred by young popular celebrities such as : Samuel Zylgwyn, Ammar Zoni, Juan Christian, Ochi Rosdiana, Syahnaz Sadiqah, Leon Dozan, and still many others. They are recent idols in the country land.


This film is not only telling us about romance, but also about science, culture, myth, action, and magic. How can all of those items be combined into one? The story goes from Gumara Peto Alam (Samuel Zylgwyn) a civil servant who asked the central government to mutate him to Kumayan, a remote area in Bengkulu Province, Sumatra Island. The village is the birth place of his father. But Kumayan is a misty village where there are so many mysteries and may become an ultimatum for Gumara’s safeness. As he came to the village, as soon as possible he asked permission to the honorable man, Datuk Lebay Karat (Adjie Pangestu). Actually this honorable man is the leader  of ‘inyit’ (tiger man), a man who can change into a tiger in a certain time. Inyits are respected by all villagers in Kumayan to keep and save their village from any disturbance of devils. There must be seven tiger men completely. And Gumara is the waited seventh inyit. If they unite, surely they can defeat every devil who disturbs people in Kumayan.



Gumara is a charismatic and low profile Science teacher. Since his coming to Kumayan he becomes an idol at SMA Kayu Lima where he used to work. Many students admire of his genius brain and handsome face. Two girls of his students, Karina (Syahnaz Sadiqah) and Pitaloka (Ochi Rosdiana) compete to reach for his love. Because Karina has a magic power from his beloved father, Datuk Lebay Karat, soon she makes Gumara falling in love with her by magic. Unrealized Datuk Lebay Karat is Gumara’s genuine father that he’s looking for all this time. So Karina actually is his younger sister. Sure they are forbidden to  fall in love.   Realizes if they can not marry, Gumara tries to warn her but unconsciously Karina keeps on her stance. Meanwhile Pitaloka who doesn’t know this issue, leaves Kumayan to learn martial arts in Bukit Tunggal, a hill where the inyits learned their skill. Pitaloka wants to be an inyit just like Gumara, in order to revenge to Gumara and Karina.

There are so many enemies who disturb Kumayan by making terrors such as Ki Rotan, Queen Hacinda, Puyang Maut, and other devils. They want to destroy the seven inyits (Gumara, Datuk Lebay Karat, Datuk Tunggal, Datuk Abu, Humbalang, Limbubu, and Raja Langit). Unfortunately the seven inyits are very hard to join and unite their power  against their enemies. They often debate of their powerful, especially Datuk Lebay Karat as the leader among them with Raja Langit as the youngest. Datuk Lebay Karat thinks if Raja Langit (Aamar Zony) is an impolite inyit who doesn’t respect to the elder inyits. While Raja Langit thinks if Gumara’s father is an ambitious and arrogant leader. This situation is a benefit for their enemies to defeat them. The story is very complex. The conflicts happen at the same time. So sometimes it must be difficult for Gumara to decide and take a step in handling the problems. Can he unite all inyits to fight the devils? Just see the series on RCTI or you can watch it on YouTube with the keyword ‘7 Manusia Harimau’!

Why I do love this tv series? First of all, this is an action film complete with romance and science. I was very impressed knowing the highest number in science that is 19! Gumara teaches his students about this with the calculation facts that he takes it from Koran (Moslem holy scripture). For example : 1×19=19 => (1+9=10) => (1+0=1); 2×19=38 => (3+8=11) => (1+1=2); 3×19=57 => (5+7=12) => (1+2=3), and so on. Amazing, right? Secondly, I love the stars. Some of them were my idols during my childhood like Adjie Pangestu and Willy Dozan. They were handsome when they were young, hehe… 😀  And some others are my current idols like Samuel Zylgwyn and Aamar Zony, also Ochi Rosdiana (ex member of JKT48), they are handsome actors and smart actress. Third, there are so many moral values that we can learn from these series such as : education, religion, and culture. For example, Gumara is always patient when he faces rude student like Arsya. Many times Arsya behaves impolitely to Gumara because he wants Gumara to sell his power to him so that Arsya can become an inyit substitutes Gumara. If I am Gumara, I will lose control to face Arsya. Arsya should be punished for his impoliteness, but Gumara never does it. Funnily Gumara threats him by giving a trick when Arsya keeps forcing him. Hardness should not be paid with hardness! Indonesian are eastern people who hold the traditions from the ancestors highly based on the ethics.  🙂

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7 responses to “‘7 Manusia Harimau’ Is Not A Plagiarized Film!

  1. Derry Hermawan ⋅

    very recommended!

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  3. Beny ⋅

    Very good film!

  4. Michael ⋅

    I love this film too. This film is super cool.

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