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Sukamara Regency, Prosperous Future


Actually I’m confused from where should I begin this article about my regency, Sukamara, my home land where I used to live now.

Well, Sukamara regency is not popular as Bali province to all over the world. In the country itself, it isn’t well known by the people outside Borneo Island. But, why I’m writing this? Because I want to make it famous, so many people will be interested to visit me here as I promote it through this my post blog.


Sukamara regency is a develop new regency established since 2003. At first it was united and separated from Kotawaringin Barat regency, in Central Kalimantan (Borneo island). Its area is about 30.000 km², and has approximately 30.000 inhabitants. Sounds a rare of people, right? But, you know Sukamara has natural resources like : oil palm, and kecubung diamond. FYI almost the whole people here works as palm farmers, some others are working as civil servants, and fishermen. Mostly the land is covered by oil palm trees plantation.

The meaning of the name Sukamara was derived from Malayan language, Suka means like or love, while mara means help or let someone to do something that they want to do. This is a reflection of Sukamara’s people characteristic. When the first time I visited Sukamara, I was very impressed by the honesty of the people. The town is very safe from criminals such as robbery, murderous, etc. You will be very surprised if you leave your motorcycle or car outside your house or on the street for hours and the key still hangs on the contact, your private vehicle is safe, nobody will steal it!

When your car or motorcycle doesn’t work suddenly on the way, the people will help you before you ask them first. How generous they are! Even they always address us first familiarly with a very nice smile on their face.

I have another experience, one day after finished chatting in an internet cafe, unrealized my cellular phone  was left there. And I got back to hotel with my students (we joined English debate contest at that time for 2 days, and stayed in a hotel). In the bedroom I’d just realized if my phone was not in my pocket. I thought if my mobile phone must be fallen on the way. I was so panic, and asked to my students beside my room to call my phone number. Nobody hung my phone. Then I sent an sms “Would you please return this my cell-phone to Mahkota Hotel, room 17! I have a nice gift for your honesty!”, no longer after that, a young teenager came to my room brought my phone back to my hand. I kept my promise, I gave an amount of money, but the young teen refused it. He said “No, thank you for your kindness. But we worried if you lost your phone, you would lose contacts with your relatives!” He smiled to me nicely and went away.

The people are pro-active, responsive, and talkative. They are not arrogant each other. They are not apathetic! The rich men and the poor men help themselves each other. But as I see it there’s almost no poor men in Sukamara. Because here are no jobless, everyone has their own profession and business. The people are humble and unite each other, because they realize they need each other. The government also always have time to visit the people for chatting and get an idea from the people about what they need to develop in their regency.

Although they don’t know whoever you are, and wherever you are from, Sukamara people like to ask you to stay at their house as they know if you come from so far away. They are very helpful. And I get more impressed by this.

Sukamara kuliner is very famous of kerupuk basah (wet crispy) with fish flavour, udang papay (dried salty prawns), tempoyak (durian porridge), cengcalu (rotten soft wet salty prawns), and amplang (fried crispy pillow-angled). All I have mentioned are kind of snacks. While for the food we use to dine are sayur asam (sour vegetables soup, usually mixed with fish), Sukamara people can not be separated from fish. Because fish is daily menu on their dinning tables. The other menus are red chicken soup or well-known as ‘ayam masak merah’, mangoes sambal (hot chillies mixed with mangoes, onions, sugar, salt, and cengcalu), and lemang (paddy rice put into bamboo with coconut milk, then burnt on fire). All are similar to Malayan traditional food spread the whole country, Indonesia such as like in Riau province, North Sumatra, and West Kalimantan.

The view of Sukamara is still natural, because this town hasn’t got crowded of people and there’s no pollution. We still can see the hornbills flying above along the rivers, bekantan (red apes), orangutans, honey bears, mousedeers deep in the jungle. If you like to see cobra snakes, you can find it easily in the palm plantation. The whole scenery of the nature is greenery and can refresh our brain after working all day.

The language they use in their daily life is multi-languages starts from Malayan, Banjarnese, and Dayak language. All the languages are combined into Sukamara language label. Based on history, their ancestor came from Brunei Darussalam country, northern Borneo island. They sailed along the seaside of Karimata strait, to the south : Java sea, and then entered Jelai river until they decided to stop and made a new village in the area where now grows up become Sukamara regency. Through this history we can get to know the reason why Sukamara language is similar to Malayan language that’s used in Brunei Darussalam. Besides since the government established transmigration in Balai Riam subdistrict, one part of Sukamara regency, many people come from Java island, Lombok island, and Flores island. But the Javanese ones are dominant in the transmigration area, so that Javanese language is also popular as daily relationship communication.

At last, I would like to tell you a thing about Sukamara people’s physic that makes me forget to return home to my homeland : Bogor city (Buitenzorg). Ladies, if you are trying to find Asian men who generally have handsome face, and cute, Sukamara regency could be my recommendation for you. Here’s not difficult to find men with good looking, masculine, bright yellow skin, charismatic, and cool seem like Thai men, or Pinoy (Filipino men), and oriental look like Taiwanese and Chinese are easy to find. Their body are athletic. Some people of the handsome men are descended from the Dayak tribe. Long time ago the Dayak tribe came from China when there are a war northern of Vietnam. So they sailed and went to hide in the inland of Borneo’s jungle, made a new living here for centuries. And Guys, if you are trying to find beautiful girls, I would also like to recommend Sukamara regency to you all. Different with the handsome men which are dominant descended from the Dayak tribe, the beautiful girls in Sukamara are commonly from the Malayan ethnic and Banjarnese. Why there are so many Banjarnese in Sukamara regency? Did they join the transmigration program like the Javanese, Sasaknese, and Timorese? Actually not! The Banjarnese since long time ago had left their homeland, South Borneo, for their missions : gold, glory, and the prime one was to spread Islam as their religion to the people where they go along.

Uhm, I think that’s enough my article about my regency. Any time I’m gonna tell you more what I haven’t told you about Sukamara regency. I wish if you are interested to visit Sukamara for infestation, business, find a job, or just recreation, please contact me and do come to my place! Because Sukamara regency is very prosperous for our future. Prove it yourself if don’t trust me! n_n


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