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Infidelity is Beautiful?


Infidelity is such wonderful life for some people. Since the growth of Indonesian people were dominated by women with the comparison between male to female is 2:3 where is female one point higher, it indicates for men to do betrayal. Some of them frankly to their couple said if they want to get married with another woman as polygamy. In fact who is the woman that would like to be honeyed? But, many reality shows if they are forced to accept their husband to marry another woman.
Personally I’m a loyal man who love the only one woman who should be married by me. I’m not a playboy who must be loyal to one thousand women. I hate watching film which theme is about betrayal or infidelity. I don’t know why Indonesian electronic cinemas often rise this theme into films. And I dislike the scene where a woman disturbs someone’s household. She as the disturber achieves the man (someone’s husband) because the man is very handsome and very rich as well. Thus she persuades the man in many ways, even often shown on tv that she makes the man drunk by alcohol and traps him naked in bed altogether as if they have done an intercourse during the night. Therefore the woman can force the man to marry her in order to justify. I thought this kind film doesn’t educate people in many ways and hoped there’s no directors and producers who will run this kind of films anymore! First of all the reason is that’s not adopted or adapted from the real Indonesian daily life! It was far-fetched and contrived. Second there’s no moral education that we can take from the scene. On the contrary it teaches us to do the same thing. Third, it supports many husbands to betray from their wife. They cheat and silently get married again not under the civil note. In this case married not under civil note, which is only religiously, is still legal. But the country law doesn’t legalize. At last but not at least infidelity will be many damaged to children. Infidelity often triggers divorce, so that the children are victims of parents’ feelings. It will also damage in building their characteristic. Their personality will be more introverted and hard-hearted.
So from my statement above let’s avoid infidelity! We must respect each other and do everything consistently! Be straight! Love your lover full of loyalty! Because infidelity is not totally beautiful thing!


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