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Changi Airport


Changie Airport

This was a Singaporean drama that I watched when I was a child, student of first grade elementary school about 21 years ago. The genre was romantic-comedy, full of love and laughter.

It tells us about Jackie, a pre-stewardess, Flight Attendant student who falls in love with her trainer. She’s always nervous and clumsy when she met him. Because the Mr. Trainer is very handsome. But Jackie is not talented enough or exactly unskilled to be a stewardess, her skill seems too bad. She’s always failed doing the test from Mr. Trainer. When her friends realize that Jackie falls in love with their trainer, Jackie’s rival makes her jealous in swimming practice time. Her rival pretends to unable to swim, so she gets breath from Mr. Trainer, and Jackie gets jealous seeing them like having a kiss.


Someday Mr. Trainer realizes if Jackie loves him very much. But he tells her that he will get married. Jackie is so upset knowing the issue. She tries to keep on loving him even though he has already had a lover. On a graduating test, Jackie still loves Mr. Trainer, so she keeps being lazy and fool, still nervous as usual. Of course she doesn’t pass her examination and has to restudy as FA student. Somehow she feels happy because Mr. Trainer gives her a chance to be his lover. Every day Jackie receives many letters from her friends who have already become stewardess. They tell her about their flight experiences, and also pray for her hope that Mr. Trainer will marry her soon. 


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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

    Of course by all means I will visit your page, because I really mad about film from all over the world..

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