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I started being an author since I was a student of senior high school after bored drawing my own superheroes comics. I wrote my ideas on my diary, I created the main characters and the plot. Actually  what I wrote was all about romance. Then all my notes half-completed as novelets. :heart:

My first novelet was titled ‘Intricate Story’, about young & energetic boy named Ricky being involved in a dealing triangle love by twin girls, Julia & Rika. Rika is a controversial alcoholic lover, she has a good manner in front of Ricky but behind him she’s betrayal. While Julia is a loyal girl who really loves Ricky since their first sight. But at that time Julia has been Fery’s girlfriend. Julia doesn’t love Fery but because of a secret she must be Fery’s lover. Actually Fery is Ricky’s best friend. He knows all about the twins but at the contrary Ricky doesn’t know at all. The story gets intricate when the problem spreads into their friendship. Yanto their friend, has an intercourse with Vista, Vladimir’s sister. Vista gets pregnant and the issue ‘get smelt’ by Dara, Yanto’s engager. Vladimir force Rika to die together with him. They suicide from the roof of their campus. Knowing this incident Vista follows her brother into death. Thus Yanto becomes crazy because of Vista’s death.

My famous novelet was From Jakarta to Tokyo. My students like this story very much. Because it’s still Japanese style era before K-Pop spread their viruses to Indonesia. The story about young boy named Ryu, student of first grade high school. His mother left him because of hemophiliacs. Then he was adopted by his headmaster, Mr. Rifat, with his kind wife Mrs. Hazanah. They have 2 daughters who fall in love with Ryu because of his cute face : Anggun (a stewardess), and Laura (Ryu’s classmate). Anggun realizes the age between her and Ryu is impossible to make a love relationship. Though she knows that Ryu can be in love with her. Anggun shows Ryu his mother diary. From the diary Ryu gets an information that his beloved father is still alive and now lives in Japan. So however Ryu decides to go to Japan to meet his father. The conflicts are not the triangle love between Ryu with the daughters of Mr. Rifat only, but also it comes from Fendy a jealousy boy who really wants to make Laura as his girlfriend, but Laura refused him. Even when Laura heard Ryu would move to Japan, she wanted to follow him in order to avoid Fendy. That’s why Fendy likes to beat Ryu every time at school. He bullies Ryu until Ryu weak. The story is still very long. Until Ryu succeed going to Japan, he gets refreshment. A nice atmosphere and friendly relation with his new friendship with Japanese man : Kiko, Japanese woman : Kyoko, and Yukari. Also a friend the same nation, Sony. Together they establish their unity named FUJATTO (an abbreviation stands for From Jakarta to Tokyo). At first the group smell if Ryu is in a very close relationship with Kyoko. But they misunderstand. The fact that Kyoko likes to chat with Ryu to share her feeling to Kiko, their leader. Ryu is a good listener in their group. The close relation between Ryu with Kyoko makes Yukari jealous. She’s silently falling in love with Ryu and wished Ryu would ‘shoot’ her to be his girlfriend. But it never comes true. The gank is going to break. They know if Ryu has the same feeling to Yukari, but Ryu’s shy. So they force Ryu to confirm it. Time always go-round-goes Ryu never joins the meeting in his group. He assures his thought that he decided to find his genuine father first. Meanwhile unrealized Ryu has the same illness with his mother. So can he successfully meet his father? What about the gank?

My funny novelet was Pembalasan Markonah (Markonah’s Revenge). It tells about a boy who has characteristic like a girl, so soft, pure, girly and nitty-gritty. Then a young man adopted him from orphanage institution in Jakarta to inland of Borneo island. Surprisingly there he must be a girl, wear a blouse, a wig, and full make up. He’s threatened in a prostitution complex. Since then his name change from originally named Markoni into Markonah. So now he becomes a hermaphrodite. With the other hermaphrodites such : Marsemah, Marpunah, Mardianah, Maradonah, Marjombah, etc. They struggle for emancipation and real orientation.

My best seller novels : Namamu Kupinjam (Your Name, I Borrow). This novel is based a true story and because of it my students like to buy my novel and it becomes a trending topic at school everyday. My students like to discuss it every time, wherever I walk, step, and turn around, my students will call me and talk about this novel. :happy:   The main characters are Badai, a smart guy, who desires to make friendship with Mario, and Mario is an athletic guy who becomes an idol at school because he’s a captain of school basket team, besides he’s the strongest candidate for being a leader of school intracurricullar organization. That’s why many girls are crazy of Mario, includes Badai. Yes, Badai has gay orientation. He tries to protest curriculum teacher in order to move him into the same class with Mario. Unfortunately Mario has persuaded their teacher to move him into Badai classroom. Mario has a target in Badai class, a mysterious-unfriendly-tomboy girl, named Kedasih. To relief his jealousy Badai disguises to be a girl on the web. He creates an account on facebook by using his rival’s pictures in the singing contest, Putri Erliana. But Badai introduces himself as Princess Aurelia. Look the profile pictures that he uploads are very beautiful, many guys are attracted to know more about Princes Aurelia. Badai has a melodious voice like his mother again disguises as Princess Aurelia and cheat the guys who are mad of Princess Aurelia. Through a voice changer application in his smart phone Badai cheats the guys. Somehow Badai has a prestige as a good singer at school, and actually many girls like him as the second idol after Mario. Even Kedasih is falling in love with Badai, but Badai doesn’t realize her feeling to him. His eyes are blind to see Kedasih who truly loves him. His true love only Mario. This novel is too long to retell. I guess if you want to know more about the story just read it yourself in this blog. It’s available by using Indonesian language. Xixixi…  🙂

My latest novel, title : “Bangkok, My Dreams!” Will be the 22nd my own collection. And this one will be my first novel which is translated into English then into Thai language. I have never translated my novels into other languages before.  A friend of mine in Thailand has already cooperated with me as my translator. Bangkok My Dreams will be released in July-September. Perhaps this novel will be successful like my novels before. 😉


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