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Misunderstanding Between Indonesian and Filipino

Misunderstanding Between Indonesian and Filipino

An Indonesian girl has been in love with a Filipino guy. Both of them are having a date in a park. While sitting on a bench, the guy is trying to seduce the girl for a romance in his own language : Tagalog. While the girl tries to capture the meaning what he said to her in her own language too (Indonesian).

Guy : “[COLOR=red] Mahal kita [/COLOR] honey!”

(I love you, honey)

The girl thinks, ‘mahal’ means expensive, while ‘kita’ means ours.

Girl : “Oh, sorry darling, our love is not for sale!”

Guy : “Yes, of course! I will never sell our love to anyone! [COLOR=dark blue] ‘Kailan kaya’ [/COLOR] we will get married?”

(Tagalog ‘kailan kaya’ means ‘So, when will it be?’)

The girl thinks again, ‘kaya’ means rich.

Girl : “I don’t care even if you are not rich! I still love you darling, however you are!”

Guy : “[COLOR=green] Salamat, [/COLOR] baby. I promise I will not cheat!”

(Tagalog ‘salamat’ means thank you)

Girl’s quiet for a moment she thinks that ‘salamat’ is save.

Girl : “Oh, so you became not rich because of disaster? All your wealth are lost, and now you are SAVE?”

“Thanks God, You have saved my boyfriend!” The girl prays.

Guy : ??? (confused)

“[COLOR=indigo] Sandali lang! [/COLOR]” Asks the guy while standing and will deflower not far from the bench.

(Sandali lang means ‘just a little’)

The girl looks confused, she looks at her feet and the guy’s feet, but nothing wrong with those feet.

Girl shouts : “Hey, you said you’ll not cheat!”

The guy nods his head. But the girl speaks angrily.

Girl : “You said that our sandals are lost! But both of us still put on them! Now, you stand up and will leave me alone here? Grrr, you’re a liar!”

Guy talks to himself : Do I say something wrong???

But the girl walks away leave him in confusing.

(Indonesian sandal ilang = the sandals are lost)


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