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72 responses to “The Meaning of Friendship

  1. Brick

    So what’s going on them in the end? I have no idea.

  2. Pras oo Pras…… is it real?

  3. Nice post. I love friendship!

  4. George

    Hello PrinceofBorneo, I’m so interested reading your stories here especially your daily life. You know, you inspired me. I can’t even imagine how hard you strugle to survive in the interior of Borneo Island. Wishing you keep strugling there to motivate your students!

    Best regard,


  5. I was overwhelmed with your posts. Your blog stats seem booming. Well done!

  6. Good to read! You have done such a good job! You’re talented in writing stories. Keep it up

  7. I have no friends! So, I don’t know what’s the meaning of friendship.

  8. Charles

    There’s no point in your story! I think your story not finished any yet.

  9. Oh, so touchy! Very nice story!

  10. Kennedy

    What an amazing story! You inspire me to be an author. Well done 🙂

  11. You must learn how to write better! Your structure isn’t good enough.

  12. Sorry for the dissatisfaction…

  13. Jordan

    Nice story. I like it so much.

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