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Uuh, I'm so sad something error to my notebook. All the stories I have typed deleted itself! All of them are lost! Very tired to retype it again 😦


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  1. sushantgb ⋅

    Oh! That's really sad news Sugih!;-(. It would be tiring to write them all. I was waiting for ur story. But don't worry bro, u have talent u can do it again, don't be sad. If u have hardcopy of ur story then u can do it again. Yes, it would be difficult to type again but u can do this. I've full faith in u.:-)

  2. sushantgb ⋅

    Oh! That's so sad. Is there any place where u have written it, means by pen on page or diary,?:-(

  3. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Sushant, there's about 20 stories deleted. And I don't have any copies. I almost throw my notebook. I'm so furious to my notebook, why it suddenly becomes error. I've tried to refresh it through the recycle bin but it doesn't work. Oh, poor me U_U

  4. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    The stories are only available in my mind, Sushant. Later I must retype them again. I'm deeply sorry my bro to make you wait, wait, and wait for my stories. Actually I'm suspicious to my sister. Maybe when I left home she silently used my notebook and dropped it incidently. But she's afraid to recognize her mistake. And I don't want to accuse her directly because I love her. I don't want to make a break between us. Hmm, now I should get my notebook repaired.

  5. sushantgb ⋅

    Oh! That's okay Sugih. I can wait for more cuz I know u would come with more energy. Moreover u r very good brother ,u want to keep ur sister always happy. That's good thing. 😀

  6. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Yes, she's my the only sister. Now she registers to be a stewardess. Hope she can take the interview very well. Thank you very much for being patient to wait my stories. I promise, as soon as possible after repaired I'm gonna type the stories faster.

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