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List of Indonesian Handsome Celebrities

List of Indonesian Handsome Celebrities

To see their images, please open my photo album entitled Indonesian Handsome Celebrities!

1. Irwansyah
A singer, and an actor plays in Film Television (FTV), and movies. His famous album in Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Darussalam is Camelia. His famous movie is "Heart". He has charisma that makes many women falling in love with him.

2. Arifin Putra
Plays in many dramas both in Indonesia and Malaysia. He likes playing Go-Car in his spare time.

3. Kiky Farel
Runner up of celebs mama concert. He looks so cute, but he was issued had played gay video. He denied if it was him in the film.

4. Ferly Putra
Likes playing thriller movie. The most scene he likes is intercourse with his lover at the same film.

5. Eza Gionino
Teens idol. He played as a charming guy named Kevin in "Putih Abu-abu" (White and Grey). He was accused to do harshness to her lover, Ardina Rasty, a famous singer.

6. Boy William
VJ of MTV. He's a talented model and actor. His face is so cute seems like Korean actor.

7. Tommy Kurniawan
Plays many cinemas especially religious themed.

8. Nicky Tirta
A boyish actor. His father is an Australian, while his mother is an Indonesian-Chinese. He loves to play thriller movie. And love being the antagonist. But more often becomes protagonist one.

9. Christian Sugiono
Indonesian-Germany actor descendant. He married Titi Kamal, famous actress after 10 years in relationship, in Australia. Since then he became a moslem.

10. Jonathan Frizy
Cool DJ and actor. Many products was starred by him especially food advertisement.

11. Randy Pangalila
Hot singer and actor. His debut was "Lewat Semesta" (through the universe). His role in film is mostly as a young energetic student.

12. Choky Sitohang
A cool Bataknese presenter. His warm welcome program is TAKE ME OUT & TAKE HIM OUT.

13. Marcelino Lefrandt
Handsome and mature model. His roles in his films mostly as a good father who loves his family.

14. Mario Lawalata
Hot model, DJ and presenter. He is a brother of famous actress, Regy Lawalata.

15. Afgan Syahreza
Cute mellow singer makes young girls mad of him. He's famous in Malayan countries Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Darussalam. He never puts off his glasses. Studying in Malaysia makes him busy to come and go to Indonesia every week.

16. Dimas Seto
Teens idol. He plays comedy romantic movies. He's also a hot model.

17. Dude Harlino
This cooking lover man, plays in many religious movies. Although getting older he hasn't married any yet.

18. Fandy Christian
At the first time I saw him, I thought he was Kiky Farel. He's actually a christian, but his role was being a moslem in religious cinemas.

19. Marcel Darwin

20. Aldy Fairus
First winner of celeb mama concert. He's a best friend of Kiky Farel. Besides a singer he also plays in such religious films.

21. Indra Evan Brotolaras
His face looks like Indo-European descendant, but when he's speaking he used to talk in Javanese accent so deeply. He's actually a model, but he plays a role as Julian in Putih Abu-abu cinema.

22. Immanuel Kenneth Santana
He's cute Chinese Indonesian actor. His first cinema plays role as Darwin Winata in Putih Abu-abu. In the cinema as common Chinese who likes doing business by trading at school.

23. Ibnu Jamil
A presenter, and a brother of famous dangdut singer Syaiful Jamil.

24. Temmy Rahadi
He often seen in such cinemas infidelity themed as a loyal husband. He also plays in such melodrama FTV.

25. Naga Lyla
Vocalist of Lyla band. His charisma seems like Irwansyah. His first film was "Mama Mengapa Aku Beda?" (Mama Why I Look Different?).

26. Ariel Noah
At first he joined in Peterpan band, the highest band most wanted in Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Darussalam. Then he broke the members into two parts. He's still in Peterpan, while two others created a new band named Titan. After his scandal of spreading his own porn videos which played by himself and his couple Luna Maya, a famous and most expensive paid Indonesian actress, he was sent into prison. After freed from the jail, he reunites his left members of Peterpan, and changed the name of the band into NOAH. Up until now he's been still famous and spreads to Asia and Australia.

27. Pasha Ungu
Ungu means purple is a great band in Indonesia but well-known in Southeast Asia especially Singapore, Malaysia, and spreads to Hongkong and Australia. Pasha is the vocalist of this band. He's mature but cool. His voice sounds so sexy.

28. Fedy Nuril
Ayat-ayat Cinta was his greatest film that he played, his acting was very touchy. It supports the synopsis itself. He could perform very good in this film. About triangle love between one man, and two women from different ethnics and different religion.

29. Ben Joshua
Handsome man from Manado, North Celebes. His famous films are Dealova, Cinta Pertama Sunny, and lots of thriller films.

30. Dimas Beck
A singer, cover boy, and actor. But I think he's only good looking not multi talented.

31. Kiky the Potter
His cute face attracts young girls to fall in love. Even his song entitled Aw Aw Aw sounds so sexy voice.

32. Dragon Boy
This is a boyband that I can not mention the members one by one, because personally in my opinion all of them are cute and good looking. They copy Korean style but their choreography is their own style.

33. Dimas Anggara
A dj and an actor, he is a good love consultant. Often broadcasts on radio.

34. Tommy Tjokro
This is an anchorman who was being issued had scandal gay video with Kiky Farel. As the mass media asked the truth about this issue he didn't give any comments. Because in fact he's never been close to Kiky Farel.

35. Zulfikar Nagi
He was a tourism ambassador of Jakarta city. Besides he was an anchorman, but he resigned from Trans TV in order to reach his true dreams : traveling the world.

36. Christ Laurent
A cool model of fashion magazine, and now turns into cinemas.

37. Ary Wibowo
He was a legend. He's playing in many action films. He should be in the same level with Jet Lee or Jacky Chan. He's origin Indonesian Germany descendant and a brother of old actress Ira Wibowo.

38. Iko Uwais
He is the next Ari Wibowo. He's playing in such Bollywood action films such as The Raids and Merantau. He's acting was praised by Keanu Reeves as a good action actor. In reality Iko Uwais is truly self defends talented and was the first winner of international tournament in Europe some years ago.

39. Donny Michael
His first film was Dia Bukan Cinderella (She's not Cinderella).

40. Reza Rahadian
He often gets Panasonic Award as the best actor in such his films : Hafalan Shalat Delisa, Perahu Kertas, etc.

41. Lucky Perdana

42. Indra Brugman
He's a macho and mature actor and model. Many women wish to be his wife. But he's issued being gay with Bertrand Antholin, a handsome actor too. The issue reported that the couple had got married in Netherlands.

43. Riky Subagja
Indonesian badminton athlete. He's origin Sundanese came from Bandung the capital city of West Java province. He's playing with Rexy Mainaki who came from Moluccas.

44. Rafi Ahmad
He's a comedy romantic actor, presenter, and a dj. He's Irwansyah's best friend. But in January 2013, he was caught having drugs party with other celebrities at home. The test urine indicates him as consumer. This moment he's still in jail.

45. Darius Sinathrya
An actor played in Pacar Khayalan (Dream Lover), and a good presenter of sport tv programs especially football match.

46. Adi Nugroho
Presenter of Academy Fantasy. In his leisure time he likes motor racing. He collects Harley Davidson series.

47. Zumi Zola
He played in Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta (I've been in Love) cinema. Usually he played in religious genre. But now he turns his way to be a regent in one of regency in Jambi province where his father was a governor there, and he's origin of the province.

48. Rizky Aditya
A charming actor and advertisement star. He's funny but cool. He often plays cinemas with Nikita Willy, a young beautiful actress.

49. Evan Shanders
He's a VJ MTV ASIA, just like Boy William. But like other handsome celebs such as Kiky Farel, Tommy Tjokro, and Indra Brugman, he was issued as a gay with Germany man. But he denied the photo spread in mass media that was not him.

50. Mandala Abadi Shoji
A handsome amiable presenter of reality show Termehek-mehek (Touchy Crying). He also had played many roles both cinemas and films. He likes to play thriller films.

51. Bayu Kusuma Negara

52. Fahry Albar
He's an actor and a son of legend rocker, Ahmad Albar, and Rini S. Bonbon.

53. Kevin Julio

Young teen actor. He plays currently in Bukan Mawar Tapi Melati (Not Rose But Jasmine) as Akbar an innocent guy who was tricked by a spoilsport girl named Mawar, a cousin of Melati. While Melati is Akbar's true love.

54. Jonnas Rivano

55. Nathan Hartono
Indonesian descendant who currently becomes Singapore permanent resident. He's famous singer both in Indonesia and Singapore.

56. Arie Dwi Andika
Cool actor but recently doesn't exist on tv anymore.

57. Hardy Hartono

58. Revand T. Narya

59. Dion Wiyoko
A young model and presenter of tv program.

60. Yusuf Mahardika
Indonesian junior football player. He played as Madun in the cinema entitled same with his role, a young energetic boy who loves playing football.

61. Ajun Perwira

62. Morgan SMASH
One of SMASH member, a boyband with Korean style. He's origin from Singkawang, West Borneo province.

63. Mike Lewis
Canadian man who loves Indonesia very much. He is hot model, and play in such FTV.

64. Bondan Prakosa
Since he was a child he had become pop singer and received many award both from national and international organization. His debut was Si Lumba-lumba (the Dolphin) received an award from WWF in the early of 1990s. After disguised somewhere during his teens life, now he returns with Fade to Black, cooperate to compose and sing pop and rap song.

65. Deva Mahenra

Finalist Indonesian Idol 2007, host Entertainment at NET. comedian at opera soap “Tetangga Masa Gitu?”

66. Kevin Kambey

More often plays role as antagonist in such electronic cinemas (sinetron).

67. Maxime Bouttier

68. Stevan William
He rose since his play at Arti Sahabat. And often play with Yuki Kato as his couple. Probably both of them have a deep chemistry that makes them as suit couple.

69. Alliando Syarief

He’s so attentive and lovable. He always cares to everyone arround him.

70. Samuel Zylgwyn

71. Giorgino Abraham

Who doesn’t know him? He’s risen since he played ‘Magic’, and Tendangan dari Surga.

What an athletic body he has! He cut his hairs and makes him cuter than before.

Well that's my own Indonesian handsome celebrities/idols. If you have an Indonesian handsome idol that haven't been mentioned here, please recommend me his name. Next I'll add it up here.

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  1. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Wow, terima kasih sudah mampir dan meninggalkan jejak di halaman ini. Adakah idola yang tertinggal? 🙂

  2. Derry Hermawan ⋅

    72. Alghazaly
    73. El Rumi
    74. Brandon anaknya Fery Salim
    75. Rasya anaknya Tamara Bleszinsky
    76. Verrel Bramasta

  3. Beny ⋅

    Yang Raffi Ahmad kudu diupdate tuh tulisannya! Sekalian usul nih Gan, bikin post Daftar Selebritis Cantik Indonesia dong!

  4. Furry ⋅

    Nomor 66, 69, 70, & 71 itu beneran ganteng Gan. Mau dong jadi pacar mereka.

  5. hendranata ⋅

    Primus Yustisyo
    Gilang Dirga
    Vino G Bastian
    Herjunot Ali
    Deni Sumargo
    Fauzi Baadilah
    Widhi Arjuna Ireng
    Shaheer syeikh =D
    Mario Maurer =D

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