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My Name is Cloudy!

a short story by Sugih


Sapporo, December 17, 2005

Snow began to fall after the short  autumn ends.
Reddish foliage has fallen
falling leaves
trunk. As well as myself
who have left friends
fellow countrymen who return to
homeland. Cloudy sky visible
glass of my bedroom window, so
dark heart tub. I miss my
mama, papa, brother, also Rainald.

Ah, no! Never recalled them again!
My heart really dark when
remembering them. Cloudy
like my name: Cloudy. I
extreme hate in my name
itself. Mama told me when I
born overcast sky day
but never lose
rain. Therefore mama as an
English teacher happened to
gave me the name: Cloudy Sky.

I had never thought that my name will
always bring my mood
overcast, always filled with sadness.

A roll of film reel spinning back
in my head, the shadows
past re-appearing on
vision, focused on my
hometown: Bogor.


Two years ago, the city where
I was born 18 years ago
is a city not to be frozen
never allowed me to
feel happiness.
In accordance with its popularity
Known by the nickname of Bogor-City Rain, the city has a bulk highest rainfall in Indonesia
throughout the year. Bogor will be felt being very cold when it rains down the rapids. And I feel dead frozen from the cold. Cold,
as cold as the snow that is now being I looked at the cherry country.

Today's Mom has promised
me will watch night
degree awarding ambassador
Our city tourism ambassadors: Mojang-Jajaka Bogor, where I joined the program as the contestant. But that afternoon when my mom and
Dad was in a journey to City Hall,
suddenly the sky clouded, although after half an hour had elapsed never rained. Precisely because of cloudy weather
Mom thought better
temporary. Papa parked
his car on the side of the road not far from the
tamarind tree is so
height and trunk diameter
1.5 meters. Papa got out of the car, then enters an ATM outlet is not far across the street.
Maybe papa intends to
take the money savings
little to buy a
gift, even though I did not win
later. Mama is waiting for papa in
earlier under the tamarind tree. Suddenly just seen the sky flashed, the sound is so powerful and rumble with flashes
grabbing light tamarind tree
where mama standing.

Jarring to subvert the tree. Have not had time Mom ran, the tree was felled override mama's body. No warning
mama was killed instantly, shocking tragic! Mama's body destroyed covered in blood. I scream hysterical after seeing the bodies mama autopsy at the hospital. My gaze turned into
dark, and before long I was
fell unconscious.


Two months after mama's leaving, papa so sickly. Sometimes such people forget recollection, he did not remember again to me, at my brother Surya,
Rainald especially on my boyfriend.

I mentioned this last name
well recognized by
family limited as only my best friend. Actually, quietly
silence between me and Rainald have had a special relationship since we sat in class 3 junior.

I and Rainald, we both
equally love one
each other. But we were forced to make secret about our relationship from anyone.
Papa's eyes so empty
like people who can not
look. His children's face
filled his emptiness.
While papa had both feet
unable to move or walk.
Doctors pronounced papa attacked stroke.

Papa's disease much faster
undermined his body. More and more the frail body that makes
look older than his age
is still fairly young: 40 years.
Maybe papa too sad
abandoned mama. Exactly one
years after the death of mama,
papa followed mama in heaven, and to face our Creator. I saw
The day the sky was so dark because
overcast which kept hanging.
I am so mad at myself
itself. Blaming my name
always took late in the
sadness. Why do I have to be
named Cloudy? Why not Shiny, Sweety, Pretty, or
whatever as long as it do not stank sadness.

My brother, Surya, and my boyfriend, Rainald, always remind me, it's all not my
fault. But in reality, mama
and papa died when
cloudy day, without the accompaniment of rain
at all. Just like when
I was born into this world. Though
I have to admit it's all happening
the will of the Almighty.
But it always comes cloudy
claimed the lives of the people who I love.


The other day, Surya being
tidying the cellar the dark and dusty.
Seen from the window glass on the floor
Our main home, circumstances beyond
the sky was so dark and

I was getting anxious fear
something terrible happens
re-occur. It turns out my guess
not missed, a sudden power
extinguished, the lamp across the room can not I turned. Surya is still in the warehouse
Under the ground try to climb
stairs to take a flashlight in
room upstairs. Just a few
stairs beneath his feet, his legs
stumble something and
resulted in his falling
slip, the poor can not
avoided, his head hits the floor up cause him died instantly.

"Noooo …..", I screamed at
middle musings.

"Cloudy, are you okay?" Fine
apparently been long watching.

"You must remember the past
you again, yeah? I told you
forget it! Life must go on!
Remember? "Gaze that
shade that makes my heart melt
to fall into his arms.

"Not Fine! I could never
forget it all. Therefore all my fault! "I went Fine's arms off, Gerrald Finerald usual I called Fine is my lover
at this time. After the end of
relationship with Rainald
because …

"Because of what? Because your name Cloudy? What does it mean a name!" Fine old byword quote great poet William

Fine looked at me sharply
"But Fine, you know Rainald was
died because of me, too! Because
CLOUDY! "Oops my memory again fixed on the past year and a half then…


The image also appears …

"I told you it Rain! They
died because of me! Turbulence
cloudy with no rain accompanied!" I hissed softly.

"Maybe when it's cloudy day
accompanied by rain will not like this would happen!
Mom, Dad and my brother Surya died in such an overcast day while welcoming the birth of mine,  actually killing my grandmother and
my grandfather was on their way to hospital to welcome
my birth! They died
because the bus they were riding
of slipping in a slope area!
A truck loaded with stone
tire leak, and
grazed bus carrying
grandparents until the bus was
slipping into the abyss!"  my tears burst.

"Well, I'm the one who will
be raining for you! Start
Now call me Rain! I will shower your heart cloudy gray to return
be bright!" Rainald grasping my fingers hand tightly. I snapped
listen to the words that
feels soothing. Though
in fact my heart is still

However, for that to
so many times …
Mostly it comes again in the morning-early morning, when I was about leaving for the airport. I have to go to Japan to follow
student exchange programs.
Rainald overnight, ah no! But
Rain! Has promised to
take me to the airport. Sky
so pitch-dark. Spotty drizzle
began to fall, I tried to
smile that removes my worry. Ah, Rain where are you?
Also becoming torrential rain.

"Cloudy,,," Rain called me from
a distance, it appears he came
riding a motorcycle.


Rain driven by the motor falls

"Raaaiiin …" I cried

I rushed over to Rain

"Look Cloudy! The rain drops
for you! Baste your heart
cloudy! "Rain took my hand.

I nodded slowly Rain took off helmet wearing. I looked at the face of Rain closely.
Suddenly I felt something
dripping out from under the hand jackets that bind him.

Blood ah!

I rolled up hand sleeve of his jacket, broken blade of motorcycle rearview mirror
the rupture has been stuck on
wrist veins right when he fell from the bike because the roads slippery The heavy rain.
Rain smile accompanied his breath the latter.

"There is no point in you
blame yourself! What had happened was the will of
God! It all has twist
destiny!" Fine wipes away my tears.

Immediately his eyes looking at me.

"Have you heard the song which was  sung by Chrisye? "

Not forever,,,
Mostly it's gray!
In fact,,,
Today …
I got to sing
You …

Fine tries humming I turn my face

"Listen Cloudy! After a cloudy
and certainly the sky will clear rain back!"

"And I'm the one who will make
bright heart back! "said Fine

"Do not you say that Fine! I
did not want to lose you! "I

Fine puts his finger
on the lips

"Shh .. I was Fine! You will not
have lost me, because
after lightens your heart, I
will always be in your bright heart!" Fine pulled my hand towards out of the room.

"Let's play snowball! The cloud has already gone.
The snow had already subsided.
The sun shines bright!" Fine turns out right, outside
indeed bright. With a
wood Fine wrote his name above
Snow: FINE.
I smiled at my lips. I made
a roll large snowball and pushed it with all power towards Fine.

The snowball was with fast scrolling.
Oops! He fell backward because
hit by a snowball scrolled earlier.

"Hey, Fine, nothing you do not
right? "called out to him.


There was no answer!


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54 responses to “My Name is Cloudy!

  1. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Yes, this story is only fictive. If you often see Indonesian films are much like this, not real. Thank you so much for drop by here. It's my pleasure to get your comment^^

  2. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book
    in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read.
    I’ll certainly be back.

  3. It’s an remarkable piece of writing for all the online viewers; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

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