40 thoughts on “Entry”

  1. take prescribed medicine sugih.herbal/traditional medicines are good but i don't think so that you should consider it nowget well soon

  2. I have tried prescribed medicine. But in my country since many doctors in lots of hospitals did malpractice, some people decide to get back to the traditional way or alternative herbal. Here my mother gives me papaya leaves water. It tastes bitter but I feel my appetite has returned.

  3. good.hm malpractice?your government punished them right?or you have a law that will put them down/they'll end up in jailyou are really lucky to have your mother beside you.motherly care is the best of all

  4. The hospitals where the doctors did malpractice denied if they had malpractices in their hospitals. The victims were babies and women who exposed to cancer. Here the laws so weak. Who have more money they can buy the laws. Do you believe it? Yes, she's the only parent that I have. We protect each other.

  5. i see.hmmi partly believe that implemented laws sometimes fail if it comes to money.hehe.money makes the world go round as they saybut i still believe that laws still serves people right

  6. i got three brothers.my mother still works to send my two brothers to school.and my father also works to provide my brother's with their daily needs.my elder brother works already like me.so we also help in the family's expenses

  7. Yes, you're right Selvia. When sees money people become blind. But in another case, laws still can serve people rights. I have obligation to support my mother and my siblings. Though she's getting older she keeps working and has her own business. She makes banana jams and banana crispy, she sells her products to the shop. She gets orders from many shops every two days. How about you, how many siblings do you have?

  8. hmm.me?of course yes.haha.my elder brother?hmm.he gives but you'll be hearing words from him that sometimes breaks my mother's heart :(anyway.thanks.for thinking it that way

  9. Don't worry every family has own problem. Just like my elder brother, he never cares to my mom request. Even he lives apart from me and my mom. But our relation still good.

  10. yeah.i don't mind.the important thing is he still helps.he's just working for a month.so i don't think that he has a right to say those things to mamai am working for almost two years.but i never said such thing to mama

  11. he's lucky he finished his course.he studied for 5 years in college.i was the first one to work for our family.

  12. What a wonderful woman you are! I admire of you. You're helpful daughter of your family. So you didn't attend university or your brother too long studied in the university? It should be only 3,5-4 years for S1.

  13. i studied in college.i only took a 2-year course.my brother studied for 5 years he is now a licensed engineer.

  14. i already graduated fom my course.it's only a two-year course.i like to take a 4-year course/bachelor degree.but since if i did.that would mean.my younger brother will not go to college immediately after his high school graduation.prefer helping my mom.my younger brother is now in college.i am paying for his tuition fees.if only we have enough money to send us all to college at the same time.how i wish

  15. Selvia you really kind sister. Hope God make your wish comes true. My condition is just so so. But today quite stronger than before. Thanks for your respects.

  16. People who want to recover must have a strong desire. Do not be so perceived disease. Do activities that the disease can be cured, that's what I did.

  17. I do my activities as usual now Gab. I don't want to waste time by lying in bed for days and let my students be left at their lesson.

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