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Dear friends, I would like to apologize to you all. I will not come online for several days. Because I'm not feeling well.
And especially to my friend Gab, I'm really sorry for unfinished translation of my novel. I promise soon I will finish it and dedicated to you. Hope you'll be patient.


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76 responses to “Entry

  1. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    I should go sleeping but my eyes don't want to close, Trav. Though I'm sick, I try to keep smile. I must be patient. Cough and dizzy must be held.

  2. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    what do you mean Trav?

  3. Travis1988 ⋅

    i will for u

  4. mhentgab89 ⋅

    Its ok sugih.coz..i am your friend and u are my friend..sugih..Thats what friends are for…hehe.

  5. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    A friend in need is a friend indeed

  6. mhentgab89 ⋅

    Your definitely right..friend..hehe

  7. sushantgb ⋅

    Get well soon my bro!:-)

  8. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Sushant, thanks again but I don't know when I'll get better. This is too long.

  9. sushantgb ⋅

    I've a plan. U have cough, fever?Then u should try to take ginger tea if possible. I know ur mom knows more than me but this medicine works. Tea with ginger, black pepper, coriander etc. The basic Indian masala tea is really effective medicine. Hope it would help:-D

  10. Travis1988 ⋅

    just meant i will smile

  11. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    My mom only believe in papaya leaves water, three times a day I drink it for malaria.Well for my cough, yes we do like ginger tea. It's very useful. Thanks my bro 🙂

  12. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Trav, thanks for your smile 😀

  13. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    My mom only believe in papaya leaves water, three times a day I drink it for malaria.Well for my cough, yes we do like ginger tea. It's very useful. Thanks my bro 🙂

  14. sushantgb ⋅

    oh! u have malaria also! in that case papaya n its leaves r best choice. hope u recover from this as quickly as possible.

  15. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Sushant do you know, Gab told me that soursop leaves are also very good for malaria as well as papaya leaves? I've just known about it. Because Indonesian people used soursop leaves for diarrhea, and rheumatic. Good news I think what Gab informs me. :DGab, two thumbs up for you.

  16. sushantgb ⋅

    That's great! Happy to know that Gab's advice is working. We all r here for u Sugih!:-)

  17. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    You all are such true friends :)Thanks for being with me during this time.

  18. mhentgab89 ⋅

    Its good to hear that sugih..that u r recovering from ur illness now…

  19. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    I'm still sick Gab. But I do my activities as usual. You know I don't like too long stay on the bed. By the way, do you read my short story entitled "My Name is Cloudy"?

  20. mhentgab89 ⋅

    Yes sugih..its beautiful and really touching story..promise..Ur such a good writer and author friend..

  21. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Ah, you always praise me. Somehow I need critics, my friend. So, I have proven my promise, OK?

  22. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    As I said I keep my promise and I hope next time I will make new stories. Promise is obligation, right?

  23. mhentgab89 ⋅

    Coz i have nothing to criticized u sugih..and u deserve to be praised.. Hehe yes sugih..u really did it for me,even though u didnt owe me anything.and ur still sick now..hehe..thats why im very much thankful to you..friend..

  24. mhentgab89 ⋅

    Mhnn..yup..its an obligation to those person who have words of honor..hehehe…

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