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Being A Teacher was My Decision

This was my experience when I became a teacher for the first time.

It was my graduation from my high school. I was confused, whether I would continue my study to university or not. Because my mother was single parent, and was out of my city, Bogor city, at the time my mother had been in Borneo island for months. Although actually I got lots of scholarship to Japan university, but I decided to follow my mother to Borneo island. Why I followed my mother? Because since going to Borneo island I never got issue from her. I worried her if something had been happened to her. My mother could not contact me because there was no public telephone service. She must go to the city first to find public telephone service. Meanwhile the distance from her village to the city was very far away and needed much cost.

So I across the sea by ship to Borneo island. I thought it was my first cruise leaving Java island. FYI the distance between Java island to Borneo island is approximately more than 1.000 km. It took 18-22 hours on ship. No longer after that, to my surprise Borneo island is still an area that does not forward. There are still many jungles, big rivers, and wild life. I couldn't see many buildings like in the cities. The roads were still ground. There's so uncrowded of inhabitants. The houses are much made of woods. People especially the Dayak tribe are going everywhere barefoot and on foot. They bring a Wicker basket being Tied up in the head. I said to myself, "It should be heavy, bringing things in the wicked basket on the head. Don't they feel dizzy after that?" But the fact they never felt what I thought should be the risk.

I was so upset knowing that I could not enjoy electrics during morning to evening. The electric facilities were available only on evening until the midnight from 5 pm until 12 am. How sad I was! I could not watch tv in the midday. There were also no daily newspapers, no public transportation, no pub, no cinemas, no stadium, so boring for me as I was a citizen who liked enjoying many facilities completely.

Added my sadness, I could not eat my favorite foods. Because here difficult to get. As there were no public transportation. People could travel to the cities as if they had personal vehicles such as motorcycles. So what our family ate just tofu, tempe, fish, and cassava leaves. Don't hope can eat sausage, beef, cheese, hamburger, pizza, they were difficult to find!

What made me sadder was the prices of things were so expansive, 2 or 3 times more expansive than the prices in Java island. But, it's suitable with the lower cost of labors salary. And jobs are easy to get. We can work everything along we like it.

One day, when my little cousin received school report, I saw that there was no English subject point. I asked my cousin, "Do you learn English at school?" Then he replied "There's no English teacher in our school! Nobody can speak English here, so who will teach us English?"

Listen to his answer, my heart felt kind like injured. How lucky I was! Since toddler I had been living in the city. I got all I needed. I enjoyed all the facilities in the city. But here in Borneo island, I realized if I were luckier than the people. I know English-Japanese-Korean-Italian, but they don't. I had tasted hamburger, sausage, pizza, but they never! I had got on bus-train but they hadn't. Lastly I had visited such tourism objects and still they hadn't!

My heart was called out, a whisper said to my mind "I should help them, they are Indonesian young generation, they are national asset!" So, I came to the headmaster house to purpose a job as an English teacher. He welcomed me as well. Since then I became a teacher of elementary school. My age was just 18 years old, and I never attended university before. But because of my heart, I wanted to help my cousins, I didn't care if my education was not qualified. Luckily the government didn't think about it.
To be a teacher was my dream when I was a student second grade of primary school. At the moment my teacher asked each her students one by one about their aim. When it turned on me, actually I was confused, I hadn't decided what I wanted to be! Unthought I answered if I wanted to be a teacher like her. She smiled familiarly and said to me gave a spirit, "Reach what you want!"

I felt very glad when everybody called me as 'teacher' and I didn't realize at all if I was very young and my age was just 18 years old.

Besides teaching at school I also opened a course at home. It was my first business and project. I thought that education for children could be my prosperous business.

Since my coming the students became happier than before because they learned new thing in their life. Even they learned the world out of Borneo island and abroad. Their knowledge increase.

In Java island there are many people become jobless in the city. Whereas they have been graduated from university. I wonder if only they would like to leave Java island for Borneo island, surely they would have a better life for their future. They will get jobs, and the children in Borneo will get more knowledges completely. So they can develop our country to be more developed country!

Up until now I have been still a teacher. I love my profession as my heart can not leave it. Unrealized some of my students now have become teachers too. And I proud of them. When I saw them that they have been succeed, I realized one thing again that : "Oh, actually I'm getting older! Why I always felt that I was still young?"

Love my schools where I had worked in :

1. Bangun Jaya Primary School (since 2004-present)
2. Natai Kondang Primary School (2004-2005)
3. Balai Riam Senior High School (since 2005-present)
4. PGRI Balai Riam Junior High School (2010-2012)
5. Balai Riam Junior Boarding School (2010)
6. Pelita Cemerlang Primary School (2010)


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10 responses to “Being A Teacher was My Decision

  1. almondeyes536 ⋅

    hi sugih my friend!how r u d0ing,have you been well?:happy: :yes: i made you a poem,hope you'll like it.God will blessand be proud of thosepeople who liveto spread the wordswords of wisdomnever foretoldare now beforeus being sharedoh great peopleGod has saidwho share wisdom to every headthe day will comewhen all shall knowhow great it isto share and teach ~almondeyes~

  2. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Hi Almond, I am doing not very well. It's been 2 days lying on the bed. How about you? Hope you are in a good condition. ūüôā Very great poem. You know I like literature but I never make a poem except when I write a novel I often insert my poems in it. I'm so ashamed of this record has been made. After I read your poem above, I realized I should not write this note. How I was not wise, because if I look down in order to get compliments from all my friends. I really did not mean to. I mean this is the urge to make a note of my friends who has become a scholar but always picking decent job. They should not be so, if they want to be like me, our country will definitely be more advanced in the field of education. Poor children in rural areas, their lack of teachers teaching.

  3. almondeyes536 ⋅

    hi friend,get well s0on:happy:actually i hate poems friend u have to read between the lines to get the meaning,i was just inspired by a friend to share your thoughts as a poem cause the idea is c0ming from the heart. :yes: indeed sugih plenty of highly educated people aren't satisfied or maybe they are ashamed to have only simple but helpfull job within the c0untry,m0st are even getting away so other countries would be benefited from their knowledge so sad,many people are like this in my country too.:worried: my only wish is someday they will be back to their senses.May God bless you for having a mercifull heart my friend,keep up the good work and be always a role model to every youngsters! :yes: :up: :angel:

  4. Ailtonjs ⋅

    História impressionante, realmente é muito bom dar ajudar a quem precisa. Belo exemplo!

  5. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Ailton, muito obrigado pela sua visita. Eu sei que você fala Português, Indonésia tem recebido muitos estrangeirismos do Português no passado. Como você está hoje? Que você seja sempre saudável sim.

  6. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Thank you very much Almond. I love your poem is very good, very deep meaning. You are right, my friends who has become the scholars prefer to be unemployed than work in rural areas like mine. It would be very regrettable, they don't know that working in remote areas now have the prospect of a bright future. Government in rural areas can make them as civil servants if they're pleased to develop in the rural areas. Thoughts of my friends were still too narrow, when I asked them, they thought the interior was still a primitive tribe that is far from modern civilization. When in fact this time had begun to develop rural areas and touched by modern culture. Even been touched by a foreign culture.

  7. almondeyes536 ⋅

    your friends are sossy or simply selfish,my apology to tell but basing from what you said i guest they d0nt want to share their knowledge to others,so sad there are people existing like thesewell we all have different ways of thinking,and hearts desireslets just keep on doing what we know its right and good for in due time we will reap everything we did.Have a nice day my friend and i h0pe and pray your getting well….,

  8. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    You are absolutely right. I myself am sad to see my friends being so. They should choose to work in a place that requires human resources. Because just keep waiting for the work they expect, we never know when that opportunity will come.Thanks for sharing Almond. And thanks for your pray. I hope you are always fine too. God bless you.

  9. Ailtonjs ⋅

    Vou muito bem obrigado, como sempre buscando minha felicidade!

  10. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Bem, espero que o seu dia é sempre divertido.

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