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Junk Mail

A few weeks ago I received an email in my mobile phone inbox, to my surprise the mail sent from Senegal-West Africa. I read it with so many questions in my mind. The sender told me that she fell in love with me and wanted to get married with me. She also told me about her family, the chronology why she had been an orphan right now. Her father left her an amount of money in the bank of London, and she needs me to send my data to the bank as the mediator to transact of receiving her father's money. At first her story that her family all-died in an accident succeed made my heart respectful. But the second email, third, fourth, and the next emails made me believe that I was cheated by her. I disbelieved how come we never met before but she said that she loved me. What a liar she is! I realized when she forced me to send my data, and I must call her adopted father. I know that she tried to cheat me. And my thought confirms it after I see she did the same on some people's wall in myopera blogs. I found her again, but this time she's frankly writing what her desire on people's wall.

At last but not at least, I would like to remind you, my friends, please be careful of her! Be aware! You might not be cheated by her, okay?

Here is the first email that I received from her, maybe you got the same junk mail like this. Won't you share with me about it, whether what you replied to her?

Dearest One, I am more than happy in your reply.How are you today? l hope fine.Mine is not too fine due to my suffering condition here in Dakar Senegal.My name is Miss Linda,i am (24) years old,single and never married,5ft 8 inches tall,55kg weight,black hair and brown eyes,i am from Sudan in East Africa and presently i am residing in a church orphanage home called "CARITAS" ( http://www.caritas-senegal. org/ ) here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country some years ago.

I lost my both parents during this deadly political war.That damaged thousands of innocent souls in Sudan.My family was among the first target of the rebels because my late father ,a successful businessman and also a politician supporting the government when the problems was about to start.Due to this all the members of my family were murdered in a cold blood and our family house was set blazed.I was Lucky and escaped death because i was in bordering when this deadly incident took place.

It is only myself who is alive now and i managed to make my way to Senegal where i am staying now and never pray or think to step my legs in that bloody country called Sudan.

I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently..I will tell you more about myself in my next mail.Attached here is my picture..Hopping to hear from you soonest, Yours in love
Miss Linda

And this one is the second email from her.

Hello My Dear Love,

How are you?My love i got all your questions ok,My love i have seen you full personal data ok,My love is your profile that i see in frist that make me to put all my trust and hope in you ok,My love all people in the hostel is refugees so nobody can help me because we don't have freedom to go out from the refugee camp ok,My love we can not go out from the refugee camp but is only Friday & Monday we are permit to play ok,My love i am sending an email to you with the reverend father computer not phone because i don't have phone of my own ok,My love what i mean is that when you transfer the money into your account than from the money you can send me money to get my traveling documents and come and meet you over there in your country ok,My love i will give you the bank contact in the next mail so that you can write to them on how the money can be transferred into your account as my partner because i told them that i have find a partner that he will write them very soon ok,My love i hope you understand all what i said?My love This is Rev.Fathers telephone number : +221767418 846 please call me ok,I wait to hear from you my love,I really miss you my love,Kiss to you my love,

With Love and trust, Linda your Love.

Thus this one is the next email.

Hello my darling, I thank you ones again for reaching me. I hope you are keeping fine today, I appreciate your acceptance to assist me to my request as regards to the money and this has made me to get the bank informed in a mail about you, i introduced you to them . I see you as a very nice person whom i can lean upon for love and support for life; i see you as very responsible, competent and mature enough to assist me to direct my life to a positive direction in life.

Please i have not told anyone except you about the existence of this money and i will like you to please keep it secret to other people because since it is (MONEY), i feel all interest will be on it. Remember i trust you honey that is why i am giving you all this information!. I will like to hear your voice please, just call me at the church office and the Reverend Father will send for me immediately;his number is (+221 767418846) i have already told him about you , that you would be calling to speak with me. You can call the Reverend most preferably from 8am to 6Pm London GMT, this is usually the time the church office is opened and i feel you will surely get the line on by this time, this country has the same time difference with London, and you can calculate your time from this to know the best time to call me.

I have informed the bank about my plans to take and transfer this money and the only thing they told me is to look for a very responsible person , who will stand on my behalf as a trustee to this money due to my refugee status and the laws of this country. I have to use this chance to let you know about it , i have decided not to continue staying over here anymore, i would like to use this chance get you introduced to the bank as my partner and the person who will be standing on my behalf as regards to this money.

In this regards i will like you to contact the bank immediately with their contact information below;please tell them that you are my foreign partner and that you want to know the possibilities of assisting me transfer the $5.7 Million dollars deposited on my behalf by my late father of which i am the next of kin/beneficiary, to your account in your country.

NAME OF THE BANK CITIBANK P L C LONDON. Transfer Manager : Mr. Stephen Roberts

Tel : +44701 2971 943 Fax: +44703 183 06 20 Email: /

Deposit infor Name of depositor: Dr.Clinton Kunzi Nationality: Southern Sudan Next of Kin: Miss linda Clinton Amount Deposited: ( USD 5.7Million )

Please Contact them now on how to transfer the 5.7 million dollars deposited by my late father of which i am the next of kin.My dear i am glad that God has brought you to help me out from this situation and i promise to be kind and will equally need you in every area of my life plus investing this money since i am still too young to manage it.

As i told you before, this camp is just like a prison and my prayer is to move out from here as soon as possible. Please make sure that you contact the bank ok.

I am waiting to hear from you soonest. Yours Forever linda.

From the whole mails I can conclude that it's cheating. Through this my note I don't mean to face someone's bad behavior. Not also to humiliate someone's privacy! I just would like to remind you, please BE AWARE of these mails!


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