Putri Indonesia 2012-2013

Puteri Indonesia 2013 , the 17th
Annual Puteri Indonesia beauty
pageant, will be held in Jakarta
Convention Center , Jakarta ,
Indonesia on February 1st 2013.
Previous edition of Puteri
Indonesia was held on October
2011 and next edition was
supposed to be held on 2012, but
because Miss Universe 2012 will be
held on December 2012 the
organization decided to
rescheduled the event to February
2013. Thirty eight contestants from
all 33 provinces of Indonesia
competed for the title of Puteri
Indonesia, one of the most
prominent beauty pageant titles in
the country. Maria Selena, Puteri
Indonesia 2011 from Central Java
will crown her successor at the end
of this event. The winner is going
to represent Indonesia at the Miss
Universe 2013 , while the 1st
runner up will represent the nation
at the 2013 Miss International. The
event will broadcast live on
Indonesian television network,
Indosiar . The winner of Miss
Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo from
USA, will present during the event.

That's taken from wikipedia. And here's my review after watching it on tv.

The election Putri Indonesia (Princess of Indonesia) as tourism ambassador of our country reminds me when I joined tourism ambassador for Central Borneo Province election in 2007. It was a little bit challenging to stand on the stage promoted our tourism object from each regency. Though I was not elected to be the winner, I was very happy to involve in the event. It's so glamour, and felt become like celebrity. So many interviews we had followed such as psychology, knowledge, Indonesian beverage, etc. At that time all the contestants were not joined altogether in one place to have the same training from the committee. I didn't know what was the reason. But we still have our own personal officials to train us how to act well as the ambassadors. We learned how is a good table manner, how is the correct way to walk when we walk side by side (a man and a woman) in politeness, and manage ourselves well to behave in front of public. During a week we also had a visit to a newspaper publisher in our province seeing how was a newspaper being printed in its fabric directly, we learned the machine, and up to the marketing. Besides we had a visit to TVRI Indonesian government tv station (TVRI stands for Televisi Republik Indonesia or Television Republic of Indonesia), it was the place that used for our interview, so we all were reported into tv, that's great huh?! At night we perform our traditional costume on the stage from one corner to the other corner. We walked on the catwalk as models. In the center of the stage we should answer a question only in two minutes cooperated with our couple. Many cameras shot us, the journalists reported us for their newspapers. We were announced by some radios on air directly from the stage. Our performance also was seen by lots of ambassadors from neighbor countries such South Korea, China, USA, Chilli, etc. At last we should show our talents like singing a song (local language was priority), reading a poem, dancing traditional dance, martial art, and many more. Well it was my experience when I joined a tourism object ambassador election.

Back to Putri Indonesia that I have just watched on tv tonight, I was so amazed by the inner beauty and the outer beauty that the finalists have shown. Actually I didn't see from the first section how they performed because the lamp at home was out, the electric in my house was off, and got well by the end of the program. I just saw the last section, where they're still 3 left to be elected as the first winner, runner up and second runner up. They should answer the same question from the hosts. And the question was "Fast or late, the change in many things will be happened. What is one thing that must be never changed?". A finalist from Bali replied : "One thing that will never change is parents affection to their kids." While the finalist from South Sumatra answered : "Honesty that was taught by our beloved mother must be one thing that will never change!" Thus meanwhile the last contestant from West Sumatra, she's actually the slimmest one, gave her answer : "The change itself that will never change!", this statement made me surprised and I thought she could be the 3rd winner. But finally to more my surprise just true the first winner was herself. I didn't think before and think about her statement again and again. Then I have just got what she meant to be, and I realized how smart she was! Well, FYI the first winner got Rp 10 million, a beauty course for several months, English course for a year, salary for a year, and still many others won by Wulandhary from West Sumatra. While the runner up got Rp 7,5 million, and such courses like the first winner includes salary for a year from Mustika Ratu (the beauty queen cosmetic of Indonesia). Last the second runner up won by the finalist from Bali. Congratulation for you ladies. Hope you can do your best during this year bring out Indonesia better than before. Well done!^^

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