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No Idling : Jayesh Sachdev


Exhilaration of Victory

Growing up in India, in a town trying hard to turn into a metropolitan city, in a middle class family, my father, an owner of a small sports shop, my mother a teacher, I had a very interesting upbringing. I was brought up with deeply rooted values and principles, encouraged by my mother to think on my own and be responsible for my actions and decisions, and on the other hand my father, more protected, old schooled, who wished for me to join his shop and sell hockey sticks to kids; and then there was me, with larger than life aspirations and ambitions. I was a dreamer. I wanted to be a designer in a country and environment which had no respect for it.

After several rejections to art school, I landed a job as a Graphic Artist at a Television Channel, facing rejection for close to a year, never having a single design approved, I continued my quest for design school until I was fnally admitted to one in Singapore at the age of 22. Financially and socially outcast, I immersed myself into my art and design often doing homework of my classmates to pay off my rents, often freeloading food off the near by Sikh Temple. I graduated with an impeccable record and moved back to India to found my own studios, Emblem.

Having been disconnected with the creative industry in India I had no in roads into the industry and clearly no work. I translated my depression into my passion for art and soon started painting, and was encouraged to exhibit my works. To my dismay, the pseudo art culture only accepted renowned artists with credible history or fne art schooling. Struggling to fnd galleries I managed to open my own space in retaliation, allowing only frst time or new artists to showcase at my gallery, soon Emblem became a national rage.
Over the next 2 years, I went on to showcase often at my own studio/ gallery and won national accolades for my works and soon began exhibit- ing world wide. Now I am a graphic designer, artist, photographer and fashion designer. I accept the challenges so that I can feel the exhilaration of victory.


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