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Film Lima Elang (Five Eagles)


Baron was very annoyed when he had to follow his parents moved from Jakarta to Balikpapan. He also chose to cover themselves
of his new surroundings and busy themselves play car RC. But, for one reason or another thing, Baron must represent their school participate Scout camp and a team with Averroes, sociable scout overly optimistic and often make Baron annoyed.

Together with other members of the expert Anton fire, and Aldi, the dwarf who tempramental and
swimming champion, as well as the two big kids become a physician. They started new adventures in the campsite.

They also met with Sindai a mighty girl, which helps a lot Baron and the team when they have to explore the forest dense in one camp games ie at the headquarters star games.

Along the way, Aldi and Baron fight because Aldi think Baron would blurred, when it separates Rusdi quarrel between the Baron and Aldi. On the same time angry and said Baron disgrace experienced by Rusdi. At the same time Rusdi feeling down, throw the record books and ran to proceed camp and Anton following behind Rusdi. Meanwhile, Baron, Aldi, and also Sindai go to the home / crowded places.

Before leaving, took Sindai to take the books and records of the Rusdi then bring it.

The situation is getting tense when Rusdi and Anton kidnapped by a gang of loggers Arip leadership Jagau wild in the woods. When it saw a crowd, Baron, Aldi, and also Sindai stop. When stop, Baron borrow notebook Rusdi brought by Sindai. Baron reading while the contents of the notebook appreciate Rusdi.

At that time the Baron invites Sindai and Aldi to return to the Rusdi and Anton and continue the camp. Along the way they find Rusdi wand, and turns Rusdi and Anton kidnapped. When it is in place Anton kept and Averroes, Baron foster Sindai and Aldi to help Anton and Rusdi. Finally, they managed to defeat Jagau Arip plot. After that Aldi swim through the lake to tell the coaches and scouts participants.

Finally coaches and scouts to the participants the venue and one of the supervisors punishment. However, they also had been named as a participant scout The best. Thus, Baron be happy with Scout because their team was taken to
National Jamboree.


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2 responses to “Film Lima Elang (Five Eagles)

  1. Sammy

    What an awesome film! It’s about the scouts and their adventure, isn’t it?

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