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Happy New Year


If I were in Hawaii, I would see the first sun-shine of 2013! What about you friends?


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9 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Hawaii is similar to Bali. The beaches are paradise on earth, do you agree?

  2. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    I wish I could snorkel to see the coral reefs under the ocean. I heard the wave of Pacific Ocean is friendly enough and save for people swimming. A friend of mine told me how nice Hawaiian people welcomed him when he'd just arrived there and stay along holiday last year. The climate was warm enough.

  3. keederboy ⋅

    wish i was there on those beaches,,mnnnnn,fantastic…

  4. keederboy ⋅

    yes i do,love to go swimming there,,amazing places.

  5. keederboy ⋅

    great,we went swimming in Greece a few years ago,we got chased,maybe because we were naked,,,:lol: 😆

  6. keederboy ⋅

    sounds good,have to get there sometime.

  7. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    What a pity. I suggest you to try to swim in Indian Ocean of Bali island. There you can enjoy a peaceful wave when you're swimming, snorkeling, surfing, etc.Besides Bali island offers you beautiful culture of Balinese, wooden handcrafts, 1000 temples, dynamic arts, local ceremony (burning dead people, cutting teeth of teens, devil deportation, and so on), traditional dances, and still many others.

  8. HidingPrinceOfBorneo ⋅

    Yes, you should visit it next time, and ask me first to go with. Uhm, I've just counted down, it's real the new year has just come. So, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, wish this year will be better than before and all everything you want soon you will get.

  9. keederboy ⋅

    well hope i do get everything i desire,would be good…:up:

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