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No Idling : David Siteman Garland


It wasn’t exactly one of those light-bulb moments. It was a bit slower and more confusing than that.

My book, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper was selling well. I was getting booked for speaking gigs. I was interviewing amazing entrepreneurs and business experts on my Internet-based talk show. Business life should have been good, right?

But there was a problem….I just wasn’t excited about it. There was some kind of resistance. The question became…what kind of resistance was it?

Was it the type of resistance you just need to fght through? Resistance that meant it was time to give up? Or perhaps resistance that causes change?

For me, it was the latter. Why wasn’t I excited? What was the problem? I realized that I didn’t want to be perceived as a business “expert” or “ad- vice guru” or whatever the catch-word of the day is.

Instead, I wanted to continue down the path of being a broadcaster and interviewer. It is my passion and worth fghting for. I started my show The Rise To The Top in 2008 with my Bar Mitzvah money.

I realized after some introspection and many conversations, that it was time for a change in business. A resistance induced shift.

And so, I fought the resistance like hell. And released this on my website:
Watch Out Piers Morgan and Charlie Rose: The Rise To The Top Is Mov- ing Beyond Business Interviews

So, exciting news today. I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a little bit as there has been a bunch of behind-the-scenes organization.

I have this saying: You are either changing and evolving, or you aren’t re- ally living. To me, life is about reinvention.

The Rise To The Top is moving beyond business interviews and will now be focusing on a wide variety of interviews with interesting folks in a vari- ety of industries ranging from entertainment to sports (and there is a heck of a lineup on its way).

It was just that time and I couldn’t be more pumped to tell you about it. After 2.5 years of doing purely business interviews with great people, I could feel it in my bones that it was time to evolve. Time for something new.

Does this mean I’ll never again interview entrepreneurs or talk business? Not at all. My goal is to bring you interesting interviews with awesome people and that is going to continue to happen in a HUGE way.

For example you might be seeing interviews from:
-Best-selling non-business authors
-Artists in all types of felds
-Wresting superstars from the 80’s. …and more. MANY more.

I’m shaking a bit as I write this. Not out of nervousness, but out of antici- pation. When I started The Rise To The Top in 2008, we had maybe four viewers/listeners including Dad, Mom, Grandma and myself. Now, well over 100,000+ are tuning in on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even TV’s (through Roku and Connected TV) which is extremely humbling and I’m excited to grow even further.

Let the new era begin! None of this would be possible without you.
The lesson? Resistance might be the catalyst to change. Allow it.


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