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The Love of Siam

Have you ever seen Thai movies?This is one of them,it tells about gay romance,but not totally gay!Relationship between family & friends are combined in this story. …

The Love of Siam (Thai:
รักแห่งสยาม, RTGS:
Rak Haeng Sayam, pronounced [rák hɛ̀ŋ
sà.jǎːm]) is a 2007 Thai gay-themed
romantic-drama film written and directed
by Chookiat Sakveerakul. A multi-layered
family drama, a groundbreaking element
of the story is agay romance between two
teenage boys.
The film was released in Thailand on
November 22, 2007. The fact that the gay
storyline was not apparent from the film's
promotional material initially caused
controversy, but the film was received with
critical acclaim and proved financially
successful. It dominated Thailand's 2007
film awards season, winning the Best
Picture category in all major events,
Ten-year olds Mew and Tong are neighbors.
Mew is a soft-featured but stubborn kid,
while Tong is a more masculine, energetic
boy who lives with his parents and sister, a
Christian Thai family. After accidentally
spitting gum into Mew's hair, Tong wants
to befriend Mew, but the quiet boy and his
outgoing neighbor are not initially close. At
school, effeminete Mew is teased by
several other students and harassed until
Tong steps in to defend him. Tong receives
injuries and now they begin a friendship.
Tong apologizes to Mew for the chewing
gum incident. Mew is grateful for Tong
stepping in and responds that now they
are even. Mew plays on his late grandpa's
piano and is joined by his grandma, who
begins to play a song. Mew asks his
grandma why she liked that song and his
grandma responded by telling Mew that it
was played for her by his grandpa. It was a
way for him to express his love to her and
explains that one day, Mew will understand
the meaning of the song.
Tong's family is going on vacation to
Chiangmai and his older sister, Tang, begs
her mother to be allowed to stay on with
her friends a couple days more. Tong buys
Mew a present and decides to give it to
Mew piece by piece in a game of Treasure
Hunt, a tradition in his family. One by one,
Mew finds all of the pieces except for the
last one which was hidden in a tree. The
tree is cut down just as Mew is about to
retrieve it leaving the present Tong bought
for Mew incomplete. Tong is disappointed
at their misfortune, but Mew remains
grateful for Tong's efforts.
From Chiangmai, Tang calls her parents and
tells them that she will be extending her
stay in Chiangmai until the 24th of
December. Tong looks at his calendar and
realizes that Tang will not be able to attend
the Christmas play he would participate in.
The parents worry about their daughter.
Tang cannot be reached. After the
Christmas play, Tong receives a phone call
from his parents telling him to stay with
Mew and his grandma. After spending the
night at Mew's house, Tong awakens to the
sight of his parents along with Mew and his
grandma. His parents go to Chiangmai to
look for their daughter Tang, who may
have gotten lost on a trek into the
mountains. Tong becomes devastated that
his sister is missing, and cries as Mew tries
comfort his friend.
Months have passed and Tong's family
decides to move to another part of
Bangkok. On the day of the move, Tong
finds Mew sitting on a ledge overlooking a
pier. Tong says his final words and departs
in a car. Tong looks back only to find Mew
walking towards the car before coming to
a stop and crying for losing his best friend.
Six years pass; Tong's father is a severe
alcoholic, due to his guilt for losing his
daughter. Tong has a pretty but uptight
girlfriend, Donut. Tong and Mew are
reunited during their senior year of high
school atSiam Square. The musically
talented Mew is the lead singer of a boy
band called August. The meeting stirs up
old feelings that Mew has harbored since
boyhood, his love for Tong.
The manager of Mew's band, Aod, instructs
the young musicians – their songwriter
Mew in particular – that they must write a
song about love in order to sell more
records. He assigns them a new assistant
manager, June. Coincidentally, June looks
just like Tong's missing sister, Tang. When
Tong eventually meets her, he and his
mother, Sunee, devise to a plan to hire June
to pretend she is Tang, in hopes that it will
pull Tong's father out of hisalcoholic
depression. "Tang" borrows a story from
the Thai film Ruk Jung, saying she has
amnesia, which is why she has forgotten
how to say grace at the dinner table. Mew
is also the object of an unrequited crush of
an obsessive neighbor girl, Ying, who is
trying to use a voodoo doll and other tricks
to make the boy like her. Unfortunately for
her, Mew is more interested in his boyhood
friend Tong, who has now become the
inspiration for writing the new songs. The
manager, as well as the entire band, are all
impressed with Mew's composition.
As part of the deception with "Tang," a
backyard party is held in honor of her
return, and Mew's band August provides
the entertainment. Singing the new love
song for the first time in public, Mew's eyes
lock intensely with Tong's. June notices
this. After the party, everyone has left and
the two boys are left alone in the yard.
They share a prolonged kiss. Unseen,
Tong's mother Sunee walks in on this and
is stunned and upset. The next day, she
goes to meet Mew and fiercely instructs
him to stay away from her son, because
her family has had enough troubles. When
Tong finds out that his mother has
interfered, he argues with her, but she has
succeeded in creating a rift between the
teens which persists for some time. Mew is
heartbroken and loses his musical
inspiration, so he quits the band.
Tong wants to obey his mother and be a
good son, but he also resents that she has
forbidden the love that he is becoming
more certain about. AtChristmas time, as
he and his mother are decorating a
Christmas tree, he finally finds a touching
way to reconcile with her. Because she
accepts him now, he in turn becomes more
respectful of her, as we soon see. June has
saved money and heads off in a bus to
start another life, and it remains uncertain
whether she was really Tang.
Tong then goes to Siam Square for a date
with Donut. Mew has finally been able to
rejoin the band, and they are playing
nearby, so Tong abandons Donut and tells
her that he cannot be with her. He then
rushes to see Mew play and is guided there
by Ying, who has accepted the fact that
Mew loves Tong. After the performance,
Tong gives Mew a gift, the missing nose
from the wooden doll that Tong gave him
when they were children. Although now
more certain about his same-sex feelings,
perhaps he is now considering his family,
because he tells Mew he "can't be his
boyfriend but that doesn't mean he
doesn't love [him]." The friendship of the
two however continued.
The film ends with Mew putting the
missing nose back to the wooden puppet,
saying "thank you" and crying quietly.


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