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Song Seung Heon

Song Seung-heon
This is a Korean name; the family name is
Song Seung-heon
Born 5 October 1976
Suyuri,Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Actor
Years active 1995–present
Agent Storm S
Korean name
Hangul 송승헌
Hanja 宋承憲
Revised Romanization Song Seung-heon
McCune–Reischauer Song Sŭnghŏn
Song Seung-heon (Korean: 송승헌; born
October 5, 1976) is a South Korean actor.
Song is noted for his roles in Korean
dramas likeEast of Eden, Autumn in My
Heart (2000) and Summer Scent.[1][2][3]
Song started his career as a model in 1995,
modeling for the jeans brand STORM,[4]
and began acting in sitcoms and TV dramas
in 1996.
He first became known to viewers in the
popular sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls
in 1996. The following year he started his
extremely successful career in TV dramas,
which made him well-known throughout
Korea. His feature film debut came in 1999
in the film Calla together with star Kim
Hee-sun. True stardom only came to Song
in late 2000,[5] however, with the
broadcast of the hugely popular TV drama
Autumn in My Heart. The series was
exported all over Asia, making pan-Asian
stars of both him and co-starsSong Hye-
kyo and Won Bin. He is known to be one of
the most popular stars in Korea today
whose popularity even gave rise into other
countries in Asia, adding to the Hallyu
wave. Because of this, he has been actively
recruited for film roles and advertisements
in Hong Kong and other Asian countries.
In 2002, Song starred in the comic-action
film Make It Big by director Cho Ui Seok,
and also in theHong Kong film So Close
with Hong Kong actresses Karen Mok, Shu
Qi and Zhao Wei. He also starred in Summer
Scent, the third "season-themed" TV drama
after Autumn in My Heart and Winter
Sonata, which was well-received, but not
as popular as the ones that preceded it.
In 2004 Song appeared in two films, but
neither was judged to be a success. Ice
Rain, shot in the Canadian Rockies, failed to
enthuse viewers with its mixture of
mountaineering and melodrama, whileHe
Was Cool, based on an internet novel,
proved unable to compete with Harry
Potter and other films from the 2004
summer season.
In 2008 he starred in the television drama
East of Eden with Lee Yeon-hee. Song was
also cast in the 2010 film A Better
Tomorrow. A Korean remake of the Hong
Kong filmof the same name starring Chow
Yun-fat, and Leslie Cheung. Although it is a
remake, the story line is different. Song is
the main character and filming began in
November 2009.[6]
In January 2011, he starred in the MBC
romantic comedy dramaMy Princess with
Kim Tae-hee.
Other activities
In 2009, he created his own management
company,Storm S, which also manages
actresses Lee Young-ae and Kim Jung-eun.
Personal life
In late 2004, just as he was getting ready
to start shooting another high profile TV
drama, it was revealed that the actor had
illegally avoided his compulsory military
service by taking a drug that made him fail
the military"s health test. Amidst the press
coverage and scandal this aroused, Song
agreed to immediately serve his two-year
term in the military.
Song, during his late teenage years,
successfully evaded compulsory army
service by claiming to have severe diabetes
and high blood pressure. At 28, his claim
was discovered by theSouth Korean
government[9] to be false, and he was
forced to serve the army for two years.
Song, in an apparent show of guilt, publicly
apologised and began his service. Despite
pleas from his fans to the South Korean
government, the government feared that
giving clemency to Song would spark off
riots and strikes (due to peoples'
displeasure at his act). In the end, Song
temporarily dropped acting to serve the
army until 2006, although he was
diagnosed with high blood pressure. Song
was discharged on November 15 as a
Song Seung-heon and Han Ye-seul during a
commercial shooting in Australia
promoting LG Electronics WHISEN air
Year Title Role
1996 Three Guys and Three Girls
1997 Beautiful Lady 아름다운 그녀
You and I (MBC) Park Min-kyu
1998 Cheat (SBS)
Message (SBS)
Happy Together (SBS) Suh Ji-suk
Love Story (SBS)
2000 Popcorn (SBS) Lee Young-hoon
Autumn in My Heart (KBS2) Yoon Joon-seo
2001 Law Firm (SBS) Jung Young
2003 Summer Scent (KBS2) Yoo Min-woo
2008 East of Eden (MBC) Lee Dong-chul
2011 My Princess (MBC) Park Hae-young
Year Title Role
1999 Calla Seon-Woo
2002 Make It Big Seong-hwan
So Close Yen
2003 Ice Rain Han Woo-sung
2004 He Was Cool Ji Eun-sung
2008 Fate Kim Woo-min
2010 A Better Tomorrow Lee Young-Choon
Ghost: In Your Arms Again Kim Jun-Ho
Music videos
One Day
Sad Love Story (2008)
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang Award
(East of Eden)
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award
(East of Eden)
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple
Award (with Lee Yeon-hee in East of Eden)
2001 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten
Popularity Award
2000 KBS Drama Awards: Most Popular
Actor Award
2000 KBS Drama Awards: Photogenic
1999 SBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award
1998 Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity
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도 길어~


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