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Intricate Story

What would you do if you're involved in a complicated problem?Would you go for suicide?Would you leave the problem and find your new life?Or just stay calm and relax,easy-going in facing the problem?
The story begins with a friendship between Ricky,a speechless boy,smart and cool;Feryadi innocent,always calm & perfect.Both of them have been friends since their childhood.With a young beautiful soft girl,Arudara,a Japanese descendant who was born on a ship,journey to Aru Sea in Papua;a tough boy named Yanto;and an unpatient boy,talented in playing violin named Teguh.They considered to make a group:DRAMA.The 5 children have their own hobby,Ricky likes playing basketball,Fery is interested in automotive,Dara is mad about cooking,Yanto seriously learns breakdance,while Teguh is amazed by music.But they could be united under a drama group.All of them grow together,and make a drama group in the university.
Ricky was made a fool of twins girls,Rika & Julia.The twins is a contraversial character couple.Rika,an alcoholic and euphorian of tomboy girl,she could be romantic and loyal couple for Ricky,but behind him she's betrayal to their love.While then,because of her act she guaranteed the result,someone else named Vladimir who deeply falls in love with her brought her dying by falling from the peak of the highest floor of their campus.
One day,came Julia in front of Ricky to remind if Rika is still alive,and she might be Rika.Actually,Fery has been Julia's lover,and He knows about the twins,but never told anyone.Unexpectedly at the time Julia's coming,Fery has been engaged to Vista (Vladimir's younger sister) by their parents.So Vista thought as she knew Rika & Julia were twins,Julia probably intended having a murderous intent to her.Vista fears with that feeling,thus she persuaded Yanto to kill Julia firstly.It sounds an intercourse between Vista & Yanto.While Yanto is Dara's boyfriend,the relation between Yanto & Vista seems used to be backstreet.
At the other time,Dara meets Alan,her loyal boyfriend in the past,but they separated because Alan must move to Japan to learn self-defense & spiritual.Alan now is getting closer with Dara,He knows the intimidation for Julia.Even he knows the intercourse between Yanto & Vista.Unawarely he convinces Dara what he knows,then she must prove it and turn of love to Alan.
Meanwhile Julia is getting more aware and hiden by Teguh,he's falling in love with her.However she rejects him.Julia disguised as Rika,she cooperated with Fery who was broken heart because of Vista.After Dara caught Yanto & Vista hugging,Dara said if their relationship was 'forbidden',Vista realized what Dara meant.She was shy,and stabbing her stomach which has been pregnant,because of Yanto.Vista was died in the insident.Fery hears the issue,then on disbelieving he tried to see Vista's condition.Unfortunately,he got an accident,striking a warning board to a gully.He follows Vista.Died!
JulIa cries for Fery in hospital.Can not accept the reality,Yanto becomes crazy.Unrealizable,thus he drinks calsiumcianida to follow Vista & Fery in hereafter.Three of them are burried side by side.
One day,Ricky's father comes to take him out,leaving for England.Teguh makes a relationship with a Japanese violist,while Alan & Dara get married & live happily together.Julia continues her study to be a news reader.
#4 years passed#
A reunion is celebrated by Alan & Dara.The couple invites Ricky who has just come back from England,& has become a succesful businessman;Teguh has already got married with the Japanese violist;While Julia has become a famous tv reporter & announcer in the country,right now she has just been proposed to marry her co-reporter in the office.
Their first meeting in their friends burial,where Rika,Yanto,Fery,& Vista were buried.
The next meeting held in Alan & Dara's house.Teguh knows why up until now Ricky still hasn't married any yet.He told everyone that Ricky still love his first love.Julia is surprised hearing Teguh's statement.She disbelieves,because on her mind Ricky's first love was not Rika,but it was herself!
She runs outside,Alan asks Ricky to follow her.Under a light,Ricky asks Julia to stop.He shows her a wedding ring,Ricky asks Julia to marry him.Julia smiles and turn back to hug Ricky.
The End.


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