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Memories of Bali

What Happened in Bali (발리에서 생긴
일)(also known as Memories of Bali or
Something Happened in Bali) is a South
Korean drama series with themes of love,
jealousy, fate and pride.
Lee Soo-jeong (Ha Ji-won) is an orphan
who works as a tour guide in Bali. She has
a useless brother that constantly gets into
trouble and needs her to bail him out all
the time. She struggles to make ends meet
and aspires to be rescued out of her
current predicament by a rich and wealthy
Jeong Jae-min (Jo In-seong) is the
youngest son of the wealthy Chairman of
the Pax Group. He is uninterested in
business, irresponsible, arrogant, childish,
self-centered and a playboy. Jae-min is
constantly put down by his elder brother
and beaten up by his father, but he is
immune to all these treatments. He is
engaged to Choi Young-joo(Park Hye Jin),
who comes from a comparable wealthy
and powerful family. Both Jae-min and
Young-joo are not in love with each other.
Jae-min is of the opinion that even with
marriage, it should not affect how both of
them are to lead their lives.
Young-joo in turn is still in love with her
ex-boyfriend Kang In-wook (So Ji Sub)
whom she left so that she can be engaged
to Jae-min (as per arranged by both
parents). Kang In-wook comes from a
lower class family, his parents are divorced
and his mother opens a small restaurant.
He is a capable person at work but he has a
cold exterior and it is difficult to read his
Young-joo visits In-wook who is working in
Indonesia, and asks him to spend some
time with her where no one knows them.
They take off to Bali only to be greeted by
Jae-min at the airport who had tracked
Young-joo down from Seoul. Young-joo
claims that In-wook is an ex-classmate
whom she met on the place. Jae-min
invites In-wook to join him and Young-joo
on the Bali trip. Soo-jung is the tour guide
hired by Jae-min for the city tour. The tour
was tense for Jae-min, In-wook and Young-
joo. Soo-jung tries to figure out how the 3
are connected, and suspects In-wook to be
the rich and wealthy one amongst them.
Jae-min find out that In-wook is working
for his family's factory in Indonesia, and
his relationship with Young-joo. At the end
of the tour, Jae-min gets drunk and unruly,
and starts to throw insults at Young-joo
and In-wook. A disgusted Young-joo leaves
the drunk Jae-min behind and heads home
for Seoul. Soo-jeong takes Jae-min back to
his room and realise that Jae-min is the rich
one amongst the 3. In his half-drunken
state, Jae-min asks Soo-jung to spend the
night with him. Although Soo-jung calls
Jae-min a bastard, she agreed to stay and
told him to pay whatever he deems fit.
However, Jae-min throws money at Soo-
jung and tells her to leave.
In-wook returns to his room in Bali half
drunk as well. He is hurt by the day’s
event. He hears someone crying in the next
room, and see Soo-jung sobbing over the
humiliating incident she had just
encountered with Jae-min. She is also
lamenting about her unfortunate and
unlucky life. He overhears her phone
conversation with her brother and learns a
little about Soo-jung’s pathetic situation.
In-wook returns to Jakarta and is told that
he is to be transferred back to the head
office in Seoul. Soo-jeong also sets forth to
return to Seoul to track down her
colleague, Jo who had run away with her
money. They meet on the plane on the way
back. Jae-min's scheming brother places In-
wook under Jae-min. Jae-min’s brother
lures In-wook to his camp to devise a
financing plan to pump money from his
father for an external investment.
Soo-jung puts up at her friend Mi-ya's
place. She decides to try her luck with Jae-
min for a job. However, he has forgotten
about her and chases her out of her office.
Soo-jung’s brother gets into trouble and
“sells” Soo-jung to his debtors. Soo-
jung ends up working in a nightclub as a
human signboard touting business for the
In-wook moves into the apartment next to
Mi-ya. Soo-jeong and In-wook reunites
outside the nightclub when Mi-ya invites
In-wook to the club. Somehow, Jae-min
also tracked In-wook to the same nightclub
that faithful night and their meeting
turned into an ugly brawl with the club’s
gangsters. Soo-jung knocked the leader of
the gang out while trying to save the 2
guys. They ran away and manage to escape
the gangsters. Jae-min buys Soo-jung an
expensive coat to thank her for her help
and leaves. But because Soo-jung offended
the gangsters during the fight she was
taken back to the nightclub and forced to
be a bar hostess.
Jae-min checks up on Soo-jeong's
background and learns that she has been
relegated to a bar hostess. He brings his
friends to the nightclub and asks for Soo-
jung. He wanted to take her out for the
night but Soo-jeong refuses and tells him
to take the other girls instead. Jae-min
leaves her his name card and tells her to
call him if she changes her mind.
After her second humiliating meeting with
Jae-min, Soo-jeong meets In-wook on the
way home. She takes him out for a drink.
And over the conversation, she sobs to In-
wook about her situation and tells him of
her aspiration to marry a rich man to end
her misery.
Unable to bear with working as a bar
hostess, Soo-jeong eventually looks Jae-
min up and borrowed KRM 30 mio to pay
off her brother’s debts. She offered to
sleep with Jae-min as a last resort but Jae-
min told her that he is not interested in
her. He lends her the money anyway and
Soo-jung promises to find a job and pay
him back. Jae-min tells Soo-jung to look
him up if she fails to find anything. Soo-
jung pays off her debts and parted ways
with her brother. She told her brother not
to look her up unless he finds Jo and get
her money back. She resisted asking for a
job from Jae-min and vows to find a job on
her own. However, Soo-jeong is
unsuccessful in her job search, and ends up
working in a karaoke bar.
Jae-min gets restless when he did not hear
from Soo-jung after giving her the money
and he decides to look her up at Mi-ya's
apartment. He finds Soo-jeong in In-
wook's apartment where they were
sharing a drink and chatting. Jae-min
chides Soo-jung as irresponsible and asks
why did she not call to let him know that
she’s got the money. He tells her to
report to work the next day at his office.
Meanwhile Young-joo continues to stalk In-
wook at his apartment seeking
reconciliation. She tries to call off the
engagement, where Jae-min happily
agrees. Young-joo is puzzled at Jae-min's
willingness to call it off, and starts to feel
unwanted. However, In-wook is not willing
to take Young-joo back as he feels that she
does not love him but rather wants to
possess him out of her own selfish
reasons. In-wook also starts to work with
Jae-min's brother closely on the
investment plan. Jae-min's brother in turns
introduces In-wook to participate at the
senior board meetings.
Jae-min and Young-joo's engagement was
not called off because Jae-min's mother
blackmailed Young-joo with intimate
photographs taken of Young-joo and In-
wook. Young-joo is resigned to her
predicament and plays along with the
arrangement of both parents on the
Soo-jeong starts work at Jae-min's
company as a receptionist, but feel asleep
in the office on her first day of work. She
leaves the office late and runs into Jae-min
who was hiding in the nearby meeting
room from his tyrant father (aka the
Chairman). Jae-min takes Soo-jung for a
fancy dinner to celebrate her first day at
work, but Jae-min's good mood was ruined
when Soo-jung mentions In-wook during
dinner. She feels that it is through divine
intervention and fate that she keeps
meeting In-wook e.g. he was her
neighbour in the hotel in Bali, they sat next
to each other on the plane to Seoul, and
now he is her neighbour and colleague.
Jae-min is unhappy to hear about Soo-jung
and In-wooks's encounters and promptly
leaves the restaurant. He tells Soo-jung to
go home on her own and she is puzzled by
Jae-min's response.
In-wook also starts to ask Soo-jung out, he
brings her home to see his mother and
they even spent a happy afternoon at the
movies. Jae-min works late in the office
and is locked out in the building.
Coincidentally, Soo-jung is also stuck in the
building. She fell asleep in his office and
when she left in the morning, Jae-min asks
her whether meeting him is also a kind of
destiny for Soo-jung as well. In-wook sees
Soo-jung leaving Jae-min's office.
In-wook returns home to see Young-joo
waiting for him. She asks In-wook to be
her lover. In-wook takes Young-joo into his
apartment and starts to take off his
clothes. Young-joo asks In-wook what he is
doing, and he retorts: “Isn’t this what
you want?” He leaves the apartment in a
fury. Young-joo leaves as well. In-wook's
mother visits In-wook and finds the
apartment empty. She leaves food with
Soo-jung and Mi-ya for In-wook. Soo-jung
could not sleep and decides to take the
food over to In-wook’s apartment. In-
wook return to his apartment and finds
Soo-jung there. He confesses to Soo-jung
that he likes her and gave her a kiss. Soo-
jung lies on In-wook's bed, and he bends
over to kiss her. But all is interrupted when
they hear Jae-min knocking at Mi-ya's door
asking for Soo-jung.
Soo-jeong jumps at hearing Jae-min's
voice. As they stay silent in the dark
apartment waiting for Jae-min to leave,
both felt awkward at what had happened.
The next morning, In-wook apologises to
Soo-jung for his actions and suggested
that perhaps he had too much to drink.
Young-joo finds out about Jae-min's
affiliation with Soo-jeong. She goes to Jae-
min's office to warn Soo-jung to stay away
from Jae-min and tells Soo-jung that she is
out of his league. But Jae-min had already
asked Soo-jeong to go to his apartment so
as to tell her the whereabouts of Jo.
Unfortunately, Jae-min's mother and
Young-joo were at Jae-min's apartment
and saw Soo-jung there. Jae-min’s
mother is furious and slaps Soo-jeong and
calls her a cheap trash. Jae-min pushes his
mother down in the tussle and runs off
with Soo-jeong.
Because of this incident, Soo-jung is fired
from her job and is once more jobless. To
make ends meet, she goes back to the
karaoke again with Mi-ya. Young-joo finds
Soo-jung, and offers her a job at Jae-min's
mother’s gallery. Soo-jeong decides to
take up the offer. Jae-min is upset with
what Young-joo had done to humiliate the
woman he loves. He tells Soo-jung to quit
the job and told Young-joo that he is
determined not to marry her. Young-joo in
turn tells Jae-min that she is beginning to
like Jae-min and will not call off the
engagement. She dares Jae-min to call it
off if he has the guts to go against his
parents. Young-joo decides to stay over at
Jae-min’s apartment, but Jae-min leaves
the apartment in disgust. He gets drunk
and calls Mi-ya’s mobile for Soo-jung in
his drunken state.
In-wook and Soo-jung finds a drunk Jae-
min outside the apartment. In-wook takes
Jae-min in for the night. Jae-min wakes up
and looks for Soo-jung at Mi-ya’s
apartment. He takes Soo-jung out and buys
her a mobile phone. Jae-min calls Soo-jung
on the mobile and asked to meet her.
Young-joo is caught drinking by herself at a
hotel bar by Jae-min’s friends. She calls
In-wook over. As Young-joo is too drunk,
In-wook checks her into the hotel. They
met Jae-min at the lobby (he was tipped
off by his friends), and Soo-jung walks into
the lobby (she was tipped off by Jae-min).
In-wook takes Young-joo up to the room,
and Jae-min also leads Soo-jung to another
room. He wants her spend the night with
him, and told Soo-jung that it is an
opportunity for Soo-jung to try and replace
Young-joo. She takes up the offer, and as
she undresses Jae-min asks Soo-jung
whether she can at least pretend to like
him, and whether she agrees to spend the
night with him to spite In-wook. Soo-jung
asks Jae-min why did he let her see In-
wook with Young-joo is it for revenge as
well. She leaves the room and at the
corridors bumps into In-wook.
Young-joo went to Jae-min’s apartment.
She asks Jae-min whether he is jealous
with what he saw, and ask him not to
make use of Soo-jung. Jae-min tells Young-
joo that he likes Soo-jung the same way
she likes In-wook. Young-joo is shaken
with Jae-min’s confession.
In-wook asks Soo-jung to leave Young-
joo’s employment and Soo-jung asks In-
wook whether he is ashamed about her
job. She tells In-wook that she is used such
treatment and it is ok to be working in
such a cushy environment even though it is
under such humiliating circumstance.
In-wook is promoted and he calls Soo-jung
to have dinner with him. Soo-jung agrees
but her conversation is overheard by
Young-joo. Young-joo throws Soo-jung’s
phone in the water. Jae-min looks for Soo-
jung in the gallery but was caught by his
mother. As he tries to pacify his mother,
Jae-min admits that he finds himself going
insane when he does not get see Soo-jung
even for a day. Soo-jung is shocked by Jae-
min’s admission of his affections for her.
Jae-min sends Soo-jung home and asks
Soo-jung to stay by his side.
In-wook calls Jae-min and asks him
whether he is with Soo-jung. Jae-min
passes the phone to Soo-jung and In-wook
is upset that she stood him up for dinner.
Jae-min takes Soo-jung to an apartment
and told her that she can stay there while
she makes up her mind about his
proposition. Soo-jung decides to accept
Jae-min’s offer and moves out of Mi-
ya’s apartment. She asks Jae-min what
are his conditions. Jae-min agrees to give
her anything she wants but marriage.
However, their cohabiting relationship was
cut short when Young-joo’s mother finds
out about Soo-jung. She bashes Soo-jung
at the gallery. Soo-jung leaves the
apartment after a row with Jae-min and
returns to Mi-ya’s apartment. Soo-jung
falls ill and In-wook takes care of her. Jae-
min turns up to apologise but end up in a
fight with In-wook. Jae-min warns In-
wook to stay away from Soo-jung as she is
his woman.
Soo-jung quits her job at the gallery, and is
insulted by Young-joo. Soo-jung returns to
the apartment and dresses up. She asks
Jae-min out for a romantic dinner. After
their wine and dine, both a little high from
wine returns to the apartment that Jae-min
arranged for Soo-jung. Soo-jung decides to
leave and Jae-min begs her to stay. Soo-
jung sobs and apologise to Jae-min about
her greed. Jae-min kisses her and they
ended up in bed. A heartbroken In-wook
Jae-min’s father finds out about Soo-
jung and beats Jae-min to a pulp,
threatening to harm Soo-jung as well if he
does not go ahead with the wedding plans
with Young-joo. Petrified by his father’s
warnings, Jae-min stays away from Soo-
jung. Soo-jung finds out about Jae-min’s
wedding on the paper. She calls him to ask
him out but Jae-min (while breaking down
on the other side of the phone) refuses,
remembering his father’s threats.
In-wook is double-crossed by Jae-min’s
brother, as he is being taken away from
the investment project altogether. But he
has already built his alliance with the
investors and they refuse to continue the
deal with any other project team leader,
other than In-wook.
Both Jae-min and Young-joo are miserable
after their wedding as Jae-min can’t stop
thinking about Soo-jung, and Young-joo
realise that she has married a walking
corpse. Jae-min turns cold on her every
time he sees her and he is constantly drunk
to drown his thoughts of Soo-jung. Jae-
min learns from Soo-jung’s brother that
Soo-jung is seeing In-wook again, and that
thought kills him through and through.
Jae-min finally announces his
determination to have a divorce and
abandon everything for Soo-jung. He asks
Soo-jung to wait for him. Jae-min’s
father sends some men to take Soo-jung to
him but was intercepted by In-wook. Soo-
Jung takes refuge at In-wook’s
apartment. In-wook asks Soo-jung to leave
Korea with him. Soo-jung accepts In-
wook’s offer and they left for Bali to
start a new life.
Jae-min’s brother finds out that In-wook
has embezzled all the funds from the
investment project, passes out and is
hospitalised. Jae-min finds out that In-
wook has eloped with Soo-jung and tracks
them down to Bali.
In-wook lies in bed with Soo-jung. He tells
Soo-jung that she is free to go anywhere as
he can see the sadness in her eyes. Soo-
jung cries and tells In-wook that she
wanted so badly to give him her heart, but
she can’t. Soo-jung tells In-wook that she
wanted to keep her last pride of not giving
Jae-min her heart, but realizes that she's in
love with Jae-min. Then Jae-min walks into
their room, with a loaded gun. He shoots
In-wook and Soo-jung out of rage seeing
them in bed together. In-wook dies
immediately and Soo-jung as she breathes
her last, tells Jae-min that she loves him.
Jae-min completely breaks down, walks to
the beach and commits suicide with the
same gun.
Ha Ji-won as Lee Soo jung
So Ji-sub as Kang In wook
Jo In-seong as Jung Jae min
Park Ye-jin as Choi Young joo
Kim Il-woo as Jae-min's older brother
Kim Ha-kyoon as Cho Sang-bae
Shin Yi as Park Mi-hee
Script by: Kim Ki-ho
Directed by: Choi Moon-suk
Produced by: Kim Yang
Asst. Producer: Lee Myung-woo


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