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Indonesian Folklore

Here are 2 Indonesian Folklore:Nyai Anteh and the Moon,story from West Java;Ni Timun Mas & I Lantang Hidung from Bali …

Nyai Anteh and the Moon
Folklore from West Java
THERE were two girls lived in a palace.
There were princess Endahwarni and
Anteh. Princess Endahwarni was the
daughter of the king and the queen
while Anteh was the daughter of the
lady-in-waiting. Anteh's mother died
while she was a baby. The queen felt
sorry to her and raised her like her own
Anteh was more beautiful than Princess
Endahwarni. She was often jealous with
Anteh. However she still loved Anteh just
like her little sister. The king and the
queen thought it was time for princess
Endahwarni to get married. A prince
from a neighboring kingdom named
Anantakusuma proposed the princess to
marry him. The king and the queen had
accepted the proposal. And it made
Endahwani became very restless. She
never met Anantakusuma yet.
A week before the wedding, Prince
Anantakusuma came to talk about the
wedding ceremony. While he passed the
palace garden, he heard a girl singing a
song beautifully. He came to the garden
and saw a beautiful girl singing. He
thought the girl was Princess Endahwarni.
But he was wrong, the girl was Anteh.
The wedding could not be cancelled. During
theceremony, Princess Endahwarni saw
that her husband was always looking at
Anteh. She knew that her husband fell in
love with Anteh. She was trying to steal her
husband.She was very angry. She asked
Anteh to leave the palace.
Anteh was very sad. She never fell in love
with the prince or wanted to be his wife.
Anteh then went to her mother's
hometown. She stayed at her uncle's
Years passed by and Anteh was married
and have two children. She helped her
husband to earn the living by working as a
tailor. The dresses she made were very
beautiful. She became very famous. People
then called her Nyai Anteh.
Princess Endahwarni heard that Nteh
became a famous tailor. She was very
guilty asking Anteh leave the palace. She
wanted to apologize to Nyai Anteh by
asking her to stay in the palace again. She
even asked Nyai Anteh to become the
palace tailor.
Nyai Anteh agreed but she asked her family
to stay in the palace. Princess Endahwarni
did not mind with that. And since then Nyai
Anteh lived in the palace.
Nyai Anteh had a pet. It was a cat. Every
time Anteh was making a dress, the cat
always accompanied her. Nyai Anteh was
very happy that she could be back in the
palace. But she did not know that prince
Anantakusuma still love her. He secretly
often looked at her. Although Nyai Anteh
was not young anymore, she was still
beautiful. And hat why the prince still loved
It was a beautiful evening and the moon
was full. Nyai Anteh and the cat were in the
garden. Nyai Anteh was weaving the dress.
Suddenly the prince came to her.
"Anteh, I have to tell you something. I love
you and I want to marry you."
"But that is impossible. I don't love you.
You are married and I'm also married."
Nyai Anteh was very scared. The prince was
forced her to run away. Nyai Anteh prayed,
"God, please help me. I don't want to live
here anymore."
Suddenly moonlight covered her body.
Slowly the light lifted her and the cat. The
light brought them to the moon.
The prince was very shocked. He regretted
his behaviour. He was very sorry but it was
too late. Nyai Anteh stayed in the moon
and never came back to the earth.
People said that we still can see the image
of Nyai Anteh and the cat during full moon.
We can see that Nyai Anteh is weaving. ***
Ni Timun Mas and I Lantang Hidung
Folklore from Bali
NI Timun Mas was a beautiful girl. She lived
with her mother in a house near a jungle.
Ni Timun Mas always helped her mother.
When her mother worked in a rice field, Ni
Timun Mas always stayed at home to clean
up and cook. she was not allowed to go to
the rice field. Her mother was afraid that a
giant would kidnap her. Yes, there was a
giant lived in the jungle. His name was I
Latang Hidung. He loved to eat young
Her mother always went home in the
afternoon. She always asked Ni Timun Mas
not to open the door while she worked.
Her mother would sing a song, "Ni Timun
Mas, I'm home. Please open the door" Then
Ni Timun Mas opened the door.
Sadly, it happened. I Lantang Hidung came
to see the house. The giant was hungry. He
banged the door. Ni Timun Mas was so
scared. Because the door was not opened,
the giant left. He was sure there was
somebody in the house. He was hiding
behind the trees.
And when her mother went home, the
giant knew that the door would be opened
when a song was sung. He planned to
come back and he would sing the song. Ni
Timun Mas told her mother about the
giant. She was very happy that the door
was not opened. Unfortunately, they did
not know that the giant already knew their
On the following afternoon, I Lantang
Hidung came. The giant sing the song, "Ni
Timun Mas, I'm home. Please open the
door." He imitated Timun Mas mother's
Of course Timun Mas thought it was her
mother who came home. She opened the
door and suddenly I Lantang Hidung
grabbed her. The giant kidnapped her and
brought her to his house in the jungle.
When her mother arrived, she was so
shocked. The door was opened and her
daughter was not home. She ran and cried.
While she was looking for her daughter,
she met a man. He was beating a cat. She
felt sorry. She bought the cat from the
man and kept the cat. Then she continued
her journey, this time she saw a mouse
was beaten by a man. She saved and
bought the mouse. Later, she met a man
who was beating a dog. Again, she saved
and bought the dog. And finally she met a
man who was trying to kill a snake. She
also saved and bought the snake.
It was already dark. The mother decided to
go home. She would look for her daughter
later in the morning. At night, she
remembered she remembered her
daughter. She cried. The animals she saved
were looking at her. They were carious. The
cat asked her.
"Why are you crying?"
The mother was surprised. The animals
could talk like humans. She explained that
a giant kidnapped her daughter. The
animals were so sorry. They wanted to
reply her kindness. They would free Ni
Timun Mas from the giant.
The animals went to the jungle. They saw
the giant was sleeping and Ni Timun Mas
was tied with a rope. They set a plan. The
mouse would bit the rope. The cat would
observe and told them when the giant
woke up. The dog and the snake were
ready to attack the giant.
They started to do their plan. The mouse
slowly bit the rope. It started to loosen up.
Finally she was free. Unfortunately, the
giant woke up. The cat immediately told
his friends. The mouse asked Ni Timun Mas
to follow him. The dog and the snake
immediately attacked the giant. The dog
bit and the snake squeezed the giant, The
giant was loosing so much blood. He finally
The animals and Ni Timun Mas arrived
home. Her mother was very happy. She did
not worry animore because the giant was
dead, Since then, Ni Timun Mas, her mother
and the animals lived peacefully. ***


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